Disciplines: icondisauspex icondisdominate icondisnecromancy
Sect: Independent
Nickname: Flesh Eaters


invis From a nightmare of horror and legend step the Nagaraja. A bizzare bloodline of flesh-eating witches, these vampires have been hunted to near extinction in the modern nights.
Still, a few dozen Nagaraja persist, gathering the unholy secrets of death sorcery and creeping among the periphery of vampire society.
They rarely meet even with others of their kind, as they hoard their precious secrets from everyone, including others of their clan.
-- Vampire Storytellers Handbook

V:TES Notes

invis The Nagaraja cards mix well with the Giovanni, Ventrue antitribu, and Harbingers of Skulls. Since the Nagaraja are all identified as "scarce" (see note to the right), they are not really playable by themselves.

New Term:

When a Methuselah moves a vampire marked "scarce" from her uncontrolled region to the ready region, she burns 3 pool for every other vampire in play of the same clan.


Card Preview

cardblstrangeramongus This preview is more about integrating scarce vampires into your deck than about the Nagaraja specifically.
The Stranger Among Us
Master. 1 pool.
Search your crypt for a scarce vampire. Show the card to all players and place it face-down in your uncontrolled region.
Several cards in Bloodlines are designed to make mixing the Bloodlines clans with other clans easier (since most of the Bloodlines clans are not designed to be played on their own). This is one such card.
You'll generally want to bring out no more than one vampire of Clan Nagaraja (or other scarce clan) due to the rising cost. This means that filling your crypt with enough vampires of that clan to have a reasonable chance of getting one into play can "clog" your uncontrolled region.
By putting a few copies of The Stranger Among Us in your library, you can use fewer vampires of the clan (say, one) in your crypt (so that your uncontrolled region remains fully utilized) and still have a good chance to get the vampire into play.