Disciplines: icondisfortitude icondismelpominee icondispresence
Sect: Independent
Nickname: Sirens
The Daughters are distinctly modern phenomena; no Kindred claims to have heard of them before the 1700s. The Daughters are such masters of song that most Kindred believe they are an offshoot of the Toreador.
The Daughters are singers without peer, but their melodious harmonies are not their main claim to fame. It is the damage their songs can do to the mind that causes their Kindred concern.

icondismelpominee The Melpominee Discipline appeared simultaneously with the Daughters of Cacophony and is intrinsically linked to that bloodline. It allows its possessors to use speech and song for a variety of supernatural effects.

-- Vampire Players Guide, 2nd ed.
  V:TES Notes  
The Daughters of Cacophony cards mix well with the Toreador and Ventrue (as well as both clans' antitribu counterparts), especially where voting is concerned. They could be played on their own, but their low capacity (high generation) and small numbers, coupled with generally poor defensive capabilities will work against them in a single-clan deck.

New Mechanic:
Split Discipline Cards

 Some library cards have two Discipline icons on the left side. Some of the effects listed on these cards require one of the Disciplines listed, while other effects require the other listed Discipline. Each effect shows the icon of the Discipline required.

When played, the card counts as requiring the discipline being used (for effects that enhance or restrict cards that require certain disciplines). In the hand (or library or ash heap), the card can be considered to require either discipline (for effects that retrieve cards that require certain disciplines).

  Card Preview  
The Missing Voice
Action Modifier. Melpominee/Celerity
Celerity: Requires a vampire with a capacity greater than 4. Vampires with a capacity less than 5 get -1 intercept when attempting to block this action.
Melpominee: Allies and younger vampires get -1 intercept when attempting to block this action.
Superior Melpominee: +1 stealth
Most Bloodlines cards that require one of the new Disciplines unique to a particular bloodline also include a secondary Discipline usage (although some do not). The effect of the secondary Discipline is generally less than the effect of the primary Discipline.
But the ability to use the card with a secondary Discipline makes playing decks that mix a Bloodlines clan with one (or more) of the "mainstream" clans easier - the card won't get "stuck" in your hand as often if the mainstream vampires can use it for some positive effect (when your Bloodlines clan vampires are either still uncontrolled or have already taken their actions).
The Missing Voice is mainly a stealth card (or rather, an intercept-reducer card to help make more of your stealth). The secondary Discipline (Celerity) effect is slightly less useful than the primary Discipline (Melplominee) normal effect, which is in turn slightly less useful than the superior effect.