Disciplines: icondisauspex icondisfortitude icondisnecromancy
Sect: Sabbat
Nickname: Lazarenes
The Harbingers of Skulls bloodline claims a history of treachery, for which it seeks to exact a hellish vengeance. Members of the bloodline are quite powerful without exception, and they claim to have returned from their banishment to the realms of the dead.
The Harbingers of Skulls have been members of the Sabbat for only a few years, yet in that time they have amassed unheard-of power in the sect (given their small number).
It is believed that the bloodline has not Embraced since its introduction to the Sabbat. If this is true, the Harbingers must be ancient, accomplished and critical, as they seem not to deem children of the modern nights worthy of their brand of Caine's curse.
-- Guide to the Sabbat
  V:TES Notes  

The Harbingers of Skulls cards mix well with the Ventrue anititribu and the Nagaraja. They are even strong enough, if maybe a bit too costly in terms of capacity, to be played in a single-clan deck (although their small number would mean having multiples of each in the crypt).


  Card Preview  
Harbinger of Skulls. 7 capacity
Sabbat: During your untap phase, if Egothha is ready, your prey burns the top card of his or her library. If that card is a master card, Egothha gains 1 blood.
As Egothha's special ability indicates, the Harbingers of Skulls have a tendency toward resource denial (like library destruction).