Disciplines: icondisfortitude icondispotence icondisvisceratika iconmiscflight
Sect: Independent
invis Centuries ago, to create a supernatural army to match the Tzimisce ghouls, the Tremere used a variation of the ritual that had transformed them into Cainites. Using a captured Nosferatu, Gangrel and Tzimisce, they enacted the ritual, adding quantities of magical earth to lend strength and endurance. So were the first Gargoyles created.
Eventually, one of these slave gargoyles escaped the bonds of his masters and began Embracing others, who became like him. The process of creation is gentler for Gargoyles Embraced by other Gargoyles.

icondisvisceratika Visceratika is an extension of the Gargoyle's natural affinity for stone, earth and things made thereof. Certain Visceratika powers also closely resemble some aspects of Protean and, to a lesser extent, Vicissitude.
iconmiscflight The Gargoyles' ability to fly is a direct result of Tremere experimentation. Although they sprout wings when created, their enhanced body density makes natural flight an impossible proposition.

-- Book of Storyteller Secrets
-- Guide to the Camarilla
  V:TES Notes  
invis Gargoyle cards mix well with the Tremere and Tremere anititribu, as well as the Blood Brothers. The Gargoyle are also one of the bloodlines most suited for single-clan play.
While Flight is a Discipline in the role-playing game, it is not a Discipline in the card game. It is treated similarly, however. Some minions are indentified as having flight, and some library cards require flight to use.
The Gargoyle Slave ally (from The Sabbat expansion) does not represent a Gargoyle vampire. Any card that requires a vampire of Clan Gargoyle (or a "Slave Gargoyle") requires an actual vampire; controlling a Gargoyle ally is not sufficient.

New Term:

 Some Gargoyles are identified as Tremere slaves or Tremere antitribu slaves. A slave vampire cannot take a directed action if his controller doesn't control a ready member of the specified "owning" clan. If a member of the owning clan controlled by the Gargoyle's controller is blocked, the controller can tap the slave Gargoyle to cancel the combat and untap the acting vampire and have the slave Gargoyle enter combat with the blocking minion instead.

Q: If a slave Gargoyle creates an Embrace, what is the new vampire?
A: An Indepedent (non-slave) Gargoyle. Explicit card text is needed for a Gargoyle to be a slave.

  Card Preview  
Saxum, Master of Slaves
Gargoyle. 6 capacity
pot pre FOR VIS
Camarilla Tremere Slave: Flight.
Saxum is a typical slave Gargoyle. As a slave, he is best utilized when you control a ready Tremere. To make combining the Gargoyles with Tremere and Tremere antitribu easier, many library cards that require Visceratika have a secondary effect that can be used with Thaumaturgy, and there are some cards that the Tremere and Tremere antitribu can use to enhance their slave Gargoyles.

Not all Gargoyles are slaves, however. A few are free (denoted only by the absence of the "slave" designation on their cards).