Disciplines: icondisauspex icondisfortitude icondisobeah
Sect: Independent
Nickname: Cyclops
This widely hated bloodline has far more enemies than it really desrves. Only seven of these Cainites exist at a time, for after a Salubri attains Golconda, she ends her existence and passes her blood to the individual she has chosen to take her place. These vampires usually pass as humans until someone notices that they possess a third eye.
Other clans perceive Salubri as murderers and diablerists of the worst kind.

icondisobeah The power to heal is nothing at which to scoff, for the might of Obeah has saved many lives. However, there is more to this Discipline than just healing. It provides a form of control over other people's bodies and spirits. Obeah seems connected to the Salubri's third eye, and any Kindred learning this Discipline will also start to develope the eye.

-- Vampire Players Guide, Second Edition
  V:TES Notes  
The Salubri cards mix well with the Ventrue antitribu and the Harbingers of Skulls. Each of the Salubri vampires is marked "scarce" (See Nagaraja Preview), so they aren't suited for a single-clan deck.

New Mechanic:
Burn Option

 Some library cards have a "burn option" icon above a clan icon iconmiscburnoption (the clan requirement) on the left side of the card. This symbol (only found on cards that require a clan to play) indicates that during any Methuselah's untap phase, the Methuselah can burn (discard) the card from his or her hand if he or she doesn't control a ready member of the clan required. Each Methuselah is limited to one such discard each untap phase.

  Card Preview  
Sight Beyond Sight
Master. Salubri. Burn option.
Unique master.
Put this card on a Salubri you control. The Salubri with this card gets +1 intercept.
This is another card designed for mixing Bloodlines clans with other clans.
With Sight Beyond Sight you get cheap permanent intercept. And if you don't get your Salubri out for whatever reason, you can discard it freely (to avoid clogging your hand).