Hey, everyone!

Round Three of playtest has officially begun! We'll check in with Hugh Angseesing, the Playtest Coordinator, for a mid-round report in a few weeks. For the cards that still don't have art commissions, the mid-round report will help us green-light some of the remaining cards for artwork before the playtest round is over.

Speaking of artwork, one of our returning artists is Riccardo Fabiani. He did the artwork for Instantaneous Transformation in Danse Macabre, and he's completed a handful of pieces for the new set. In addition, he has a kickstarter for one of his projects - a personal travel diary and sketchbook of his travels through such places as Ireland, Romania, Hungary, and Norway. More information is found here:


Here's one of Riccardo's pieces for the upcoming set:



To see more of Riccardo's work, check out his websites:



- Ben Peal and the V:EKN Design Team