Hello again!

By the time this diary entry goes out, the fifth tournament of the Week of Nightmares in Columbus, Ohio will be underway! I'm still in Brooklyn, but I'll be driving out to the NAC with the NYC crew this evening. I figured I'd get another update out before heading off to play lots of V:TES.

Round Three of playtest is in full swing. We've gotten a good amount of mid-round feedback which has enabled us to approve more library cards for artwork. At this point, we have two crypt cards and about a dozen library cards remaining to approve for artwork, pending playtest results. That puts us very much on target for an October release. We'll have a lunchtime playtester meeting at the NAC at Origins this weekend, likely during the lunch break of Day Two of the championship. It'll be a great opportunity to get more in-depth feedback and to answer any questions the playtesters have.

As for the contents of the set, the focus is on Group 6 (Group 5 for Gangrel), but not exclusively so. There will be some crypt cards for earlier groups, including an advanced vampire for each clan. When it comes to design of advanced vampires, we've given them merged abilities but our approach is to make them fully playable and effective in their unmerged versions.

We're also thrilled to announce another new artist: Carmen Cornet of Spain. She's done a few crypt cards for us, and she's a World of Darkness enthusiast, and you can check out her portfolio here:


- Ben Peal and the V:EKN Design Team