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Yep, it is much about playstyle. I play my new Toreador Grand Ball deck like that. But some decks can't be played like that some demand you to play like that. I am curious which decks prefer to be played that way.

I feel it totally depends what kind of deck you build. For example with DEM weenies you have very strong early game and you almost should bleed forward with every action. There isn't any cards usually in DEM weenies to make your your table position stronger and your offence is almost your defense (Kindred Spirits). Every game round you don't bleed has a chance of your prey or grand prey getting stronger (like getting pool or +intercept permanents).

Some decks are build for defense and for strong end game. They also might have cards like Golconda which are awesome to make come back if things doesn't go as planned. With those decks you wait for right moment and you strike when your prey is weaker (low on blood, tapped or with bad hand cards). Strong end game decks should have cards which can gain you blood/pool or some permanent effects. Bounce works awesome for offence/defense in those decks.

Also I am not a fan of not looking like a threat play style. If somebody is just gaining pool and putting new Assamites in play, everybody with some experience should see that there is some oust shennigans about to happen some turn. Playing no threat style only works against newbies or players playing stupidly. I don't want to plan my deck which works best if random seating is giving me right players. I plan my deck to work against the best players. I can see "I'm not threat" playstyle working in smaller not so serious tournaments tho.

Tabletalk is very important also and it usually favors the "I'm not threat" playstyle.
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