question-circle who is the hands down worste 11 cap?

31 Mar 2013 14:24 #46437 by Ohlmann

uh, don't want to burst your bubble, but i'm quite happy there is no lasombra 11 cap. How can it be better than all the bunch of perfectly playable 10 cap lasombra we already have ?

If you analyze most archetypes, a lot of 11 cap would never see play if it was not for their special.

I wholeheartedly agree. (so it mean I can sometime agree with Reyda ? :p)

There is a lot of powerful 10-cap by the way. Appius Corvius is certainly the one I prefer, but there are also Masika, Shalmath, Thetmes, Tryphosa, The Unnamed, Cailean, and there are certainly a big number of other one are pretty powerful.

Now, the gap in power between the average 10+ cap and the average Inner Circle tend to be pretty huge. In short, on average, they have 50% more bleed, 100% more votes, and more or less the same amount of discipline. Or, in other words, being 11-cap and camarilla is a huge boon in point construction, which is pretty strange lore wise, but not too important balance-wise.

That's why Inner Circle tend to be much more versatile and consequently played on more varied decks. You wouldn't add masika or Thetmes to a deck if you do not have something to do with their discipline and special. Same thing for Augustus Giovanni or Hazimel. Paying 2-3 more pool for 1 bleed/2 votes is significantly less sexy than for 2 bleed/4 votes.

(the FN one tend to have it doubly bad, because not only they only have 2 votes, but their clan tend to have few titled vampires, which drive their value even lower. And, of course, the Sabbat have very few 11-cap, without having significantly better vampire otherwise)

PS : of course, there is one Sabbat Inner Circle, Sha-Ennu. I don't try to say he is any less good than the average Inner circle, and it's an interesting vampire, which is not played by Inner Circle of doom deck mainly because he have too few common discipline with the bulk of Inner Circle.

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