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Multible gambits was created by Whisker
Gambit Accepted is a powerful, but very tricky card to play, and usually simply ends in giving your victory point to your predator. Taking a master slot and requiring you to have a victory point in order to play, it is not a card you usually want to add multiple copies in your library. Earlier I have only added a prayer copy in decks that relative good staying power, but have difficulty getting that second oust.

Gambit Accepted


Only usable if you have at least 1 victory point. Lose 1 victory point and put this card in play. During your untap phase, move 1 pool from your prey's pool to your pool. If you are ousted, your predator gains an additional victory point. At the end of the game, if you have not been ousted, you gain an additional victory point.

Artist(s): Christopher Shy

Set(s): Anarchs:R, KoT:R

Recently however I have begun experimenting in using the card in multiple copies on slim 60 card decks that oust fast and have some recycling element (Giovanni power bleed & !brujah voter). Add three copies to a deck and you have a reasonable change of drawing one after your first oust. Also should you get a second vp, perhaps with little help from your first gambit, you can fish earlier discarded copy back in hand for whopping steal 2 from your prey during each of your untap phases. With Ashur tablets and Reinforcements, potentially any deck could use the card. Not that I own any Ashurs…

Then there’s the table control element. Depending on how victory points have fallen you can force your prey to help you against your predator. An example: normal 5 player game with three players left you (1 vp), prey (0 vp) and predator (1vp). Play gambit accepted and now only change for your prey to win the game is by keeping you from being ousted.

This opens the possibility of playing the Gambit in losing situations, where normally playing the card would simply lead in awarding your predator with extra vp. If your second prey is a deck with strong table control element (e.g. eagle sighter or a strong rush deck), playing gambit may force your prey to oust your predator where she would have preferred to let you be ousted and take her changes in heads up with your predator.

What are your thoughts and experiences about the card? Has anyone played with more than one copy and how did it work out for you?
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07 Jan 2015 16:50 #68526 by ICL
Replied by ICL on topic Re: Multible gambits
First time I ever played it, I realized it gave other players a huge reason to keep me alive as gaining 2vps and six pool is often win for a player.

Forget the steal pool effect, it's the "if I die, you lose" effect that is important. Of course, you have to be playing with people who are trying to win.

Then, my decks are awful at getting fast VPs, so the window for me to play the card is way too tight. It's the sort of card for winnie hordes, faster stealth bleed decks, etc.

The card is horribly, horribly underplayed.

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