file SPLIT: Ashur Tablets and Liquidation

25 Mar 2019 15:43 #94254 by Kraus

The idea of having a rotating Most Wanted and Ban really interests me and would be fun to see at a competitive level. It would require a decent amount of curation though so the question becomes who is going to do it. While I would volunteer I think the players would revolt as soon as the sweeping changes were announced. :)

Didn't Martin just announce a limited online event in Facebook where Pentex is banned and Freak Drive is limited to once per turn per minion?

It's awesome that we have an online tool to help organize these things. :O Locally it's really hard to pull off since play groups are so small.

I'm really interested in seeing the data from that event.

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26 Mar 2019 08:35 #94262 by Lönkka
Well, the people participating on online tournaments ain't all that much bigger than a smallish-medium sized playgroup / regular tournament...

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