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31 Aug 2011 05:30 - 01 Sep 2011 07:08 #9371 by Mephistopheles
Hi folks!

Please contribute to my list by posting the star vampires name to Baltimore Purge with. If the idea on how the deck should work isn't obvious please add a brief description. So far I have:

Alonso Petrodon
Ambrosio Luis Moncada
Appius Claudius Corvus
Gerlad Windham
Josef von Bauren
Luca Italicus
Rachel Brandywine
Ulugh Beg
William Thoerbecke

NC for Hungary
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31 Aug 2011 05:34 - 31 Aug 2011 05:39 #9372 by Pascal Bertrand

Ulugh Beg - William Thoerbecke (with Chantry)
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31 Aug 2011 05:43 #9373 by Haze
Alexandra with Grand Ball

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31 Aug 2011 06:37 #9378 by agzocgud
Here´s a deck from 2004. Just remove old tech and add the modern goodies and you´re good to go.

Deck Name: (she´s got the) east side blues
Created By: Erik Torstensson
Description: Doesn´t like weenies or rushes, but when Arika performs
4+ actions on her first turn, the table swings to your advantage.
Hidden strength is good vs Aid/Carrion, Trap, Grapple and can even be
used offensivly in late game. Cloaks are good for stolen minions. PTO
worked fine, but wasn´t gamewinning. You can get votes by robbing
other titles, if needed.

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 17, Max: 44, Avg: 7,75)
5 Arika aus cel DOM FOR OBF PRE 11, Ventrue, Inner Circle
2 Gratiano DOM obf OBT pot 8, Lasombra, Priscus
2 Guido Lucciano dom obf OBT 5, Lasombra
1 Ignacio dom obt pot 4, Lasombra
1 Cameron dom pot 3, Lasombra
1 Banjoko obt pot DOM 5, Lasombra

Library: (90 cards)
Master (15 cards)
1 Barrens, The
1 Coven, The
2 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Fortitude
1 Giant's Blood
1 Golconda: Inner Peace
3 Minion Tap
1 Obfuscate
1 Political Hunting Ground
1 Uptown Hunting Ground
2 Visit from the Capuchin

Action (28 cards)
9 Baltimore Purge
2 Distraction
6 Govern the Unaligned
9 Graverobbing
2 Scouting Mission

Action Modifier (31 cards)
5 Cloak the Gathering
1 Elder Impersonation
1 Faceless Night
5 Forgotten Labyrinth
13 Freak Drive
3 Lost in Crowds
2 Seduction
1 Spying Mission

Political Action (9 cards)
1 Ancient Influence
3 Dramatic Upheaval
1 Political Stranglehold
3 Protect Thine Own
1 Reins of Power

Combat (6 cards)
6 Hidden Strength

Combo (1 cards)
1 Swallowed by the Night

Overkill is highly underrated. You know, like in computor games and such.

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31 Aug 2011 09:13 #9387 by DeBomas
Good topic !
I've been trying several b'purge-decks the last few months, with varying degrees of success.

I think when Purging, there's some caveats to take into account:
- you're combo's rather card intensive: you need to have the purges, make 'm succeed, get out of torpor, decide what to do with the torpored vamps, get out of torpor, survive, AND find a way to kill your 1st prey without the rest of the table gaining their vp's with their finely tuned ousting machines.
- Since you'll play 10-11 caps, multi-acting is in order.
- Since people will be crosstable rescuing and ganging up, a good plan for what to do AFTER you purge is a necessity. This means, probably, that you'll be either diablerizing (beware of Carlton!) or graverobbing, or both. That means either having the votes (and a lasombra to be able to purge those votes crosstable), and dominate.
- Also, having a lasombra present is obligatory if you don't want to dunk anarch converts, tupdogs, dom-weenies or progeny's. :-)
- Some form of built in +bleed is nice, since you're library will be clogged enough as is and the goal still is to get those vp's.

With this in mind, ive tried and thought of several options:

- Byzar 10 FOR NEC OBF AUS dom
Has permanent +1 Stealth, FOR for freakdrive, access to the +1 stealth equipment, can bounce, and has by card-text a good defense against Carlton-burning when you go diablerizing.

- Hazimel: 11 CHI FOR AUS POT
Has the votes 2 votes, gets the stealth from purging, costs 2 blood to d-act against which is nice (bye tupdogs), has built in +bleed, and FOR and AUS for multiacting and bouncing.

- Luca Italicus: 10 OBT NEC FOR DOM
Lasombra (yay), has votes, acces to stealth and multiacting, dominate, and teams up well with Bruce the Guy, in case you want to go the vote route for ousting.

- Gerald Windham 10 THA DOM FOR AUS
+1 stealth, Chantry!, Dom and For.

- Saulot: 11 FOR AUS XXX
Becomes unblockable with Neutral Guard, has +bleed, has a built-in bloat engine, can multiact and bounce, no votes though, and you still need that lasombra.

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31 Aug 2011 12:46 #9400 by Brum
My favorite by far is Alonso Petrodon.
- :for: :DOM: :OBF:
- Warsaw Station is awesome for this. (A bit worse then Chantry, of course)
- Justicar: 2nd Tradition
- Enkil Cog first, Baltimore in your turn, Baltimore in Predator's turn and Alonso also keeps 3 bleed for ousting without extra cards.

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