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pretty good master selection. when I play with this many trifles I like to use a Storage Annex to stash the extras for next turn, and here it can hold the Week of Nightmares too. just my style, though.

Thanks! I'm pretty okay with the masters too. Storage Annex might be fun, especially with the Week. Thanks.

Rutor's Hand looks cool, but you don't really have that many actions in this deck to use it on. Clueless players just end up using their free actions to hunt every turn and get the 4 blood back. Besides, you already have freak drives.

The amount of actions is true. It could not be the worst of ideas to add some in there somewhere. The freak drives had to go actually, however. They are needed in other decks more desperately, Samedi to be more spesific. I originally wanted to give Rutor's Hand a go, once I got a couple of copies. I've never used it before. And, as we all know, Tremere suck. Just because. :)

Biothaumaturgic Experiment is also odd. Compare it to Baseball Bat, which practically gives you +1 strength as long as you're not grappled. You lose the maneuver, but it has no requirements and you get an untap at the end of turn.

The lack of manouver is the key here. Take Durga Syn for example - there is virtually no possiblity to use her special without a decent amount of manouvers, and out of her disciplines (in this deck) only :tha: offers those with decent flexibility. Also, baseball bats are just lame.

Biothauma is actually the second card I just wanted to have a go with. Two might be overdoing it, though, I gotta admit.

If you want to make the most of Thaumaturgy, there are better cards. Magic of the Smith, Seeds of Corruption, Blood of Sandman -- these all have strong effects you can't find anywhere else.

Three cards I own none of. I've never played :tha:, so yeah, I have to go with a pretty limited card pool. At the moment even more so, because two thirds of my cards are in Finland. All of my obfuscate, as a matter of fact, so modifying, say, the Samedi isn't easy at the moment.

I'm more a fan of Cat's Guidance over Instinctive Reaction. untap or intercept is very versatile.

You might want to double check how many of my vampires has :ANI:. That's one. ;) So no, I wouldn't go with cats this time - I'm in more desperate need of intercept.

swap a few Ignis Fatuus out for Draba, maybe?

Wish I had some.

In all honesty, I can kind of see why they printed Ignis Fatuus, but ultimately it's just inferior to Draba. Too bad they didn't reprint it in LotN.

this is where I feel the thaumaturgy angle just doesn't pay off at all. Only about half your crypt can play those cards. Apparition :CHI: is a great card. Apportation :THA: is awkward. It really seems to me like you'd be better off using the old Apparition + Trap combo. Mix in some :ANI: for carrion crows and it becomes so much stronger than a random Theft or Burst.

Not even half, actually - there are only 4 vampires, of which 1 should come up at start. If not, I'm fucked, if I don't draw the book early on.

Apparition is awesome. Apportation comboes well with extra strength from Week and Biothauma. Traps could be nice, but I own only 4, or 5 tops, of them, and as you can see, 3 are already in the Samedi. I think that deck needs the non-discipline punch more than the Ravnos. Also, once again, I think going crows with :ani: instead of :ANI: is a bit of waste of time.

Carrions would combo with the extra strength of which there is some in the deck. That's a point. However, then I would need tastes, which take up card slots, and then I can't target retainers, stuff like that...

I might be a bit too protective of the :tha: angle there. I don't know if there's a real need for it, but if test play (some beautiful day, in the future) shows that :tha: really isn't needed in combat, I will agree. I'm just rather interested in how the Ravnos could keep their blood up even when fully operational all the time, even when the week is active. It's game over if I don't have some blood management, and an occasional master won't save me. I don't know if some thefting will either, but it's worth the shot, I'd say.

The Ravnos is a bit of an odd deal, it always has been. It doesn't help that I haven't had too many games with it. Even more so, thanks for the feedback!


That's very true. I admit a mistake there, and points presented are valid. :) I should've made 4 different topics. Let's blame the 'first post' phenomenon: you can't get everything (anything?) right on first go, when it's about new forums!

Krausedit\\ Okay, yeah, reality check: we're talking about two copies of Theft of Vitae. Either I add up, or change them. Trying them out is still a valid option, and I'm going to do it, but cards like Mayaparisatya could be fun. Or just add up on Fata Morgana? Ousting is cool.

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