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05 Jan 2011 12:16 #300 by Joscha
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I've got space for 10 more cards which could easily be a few more Governs and a handful of KRCs or a Zillah's or two.

Decks smaller than 80 most often work best. So just adding some cards which might be cool just worsen a deck almost always. Keep up the good ratios you figured and for each new card drop one.

A "Zillah's or two" will not do the trick ;) . If you want to accelerate your crypt you have to add signficant amounts. Especially in bigger decks (by number) two cards are prayerish, especially if you need them right in the beginning to make sense. So I'd go with at least four Zillah's and two Information Highways on 80 cards, better more if you can squeeze them in.

Baron of Frankfurt

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