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05 Jan 2011 12:49 - 05 Jan 2011 12:59 #304 by Serazahr
Deck Name : The World's Greatest v4

Author : Khaled Naib

Description :

This is in its core a weenie Presence deck with a bit of Obfuscate to help past some intercept. Its trick lies in the Gehenna cards it uses. The main strategy is to get a second turn Wormwood (3 Wormwoods + 4 Fortschritt Library), and using the other Gehenna cards to lower everybody's cap to 6 or lower. Karen Sudela, as long as she is a Prince, is unaffected by Gehanna cards, meaning she keeps her cap (among other things). This allows her to banish everybody else. (Without any Discipline Master needs 4 after Wormwood, with OBF or PRE 3 and with both only 2.) The large amount of voter caps helps me against Thirst, Restricted Vitae and The New Inquisition. The only big problem this deck has right now is the sometimes extreme reduction of hand size. Although there is no permanent reduction of handsize, it is still a noticeable bother. A nice advantage of the Banishment-Wormwood combo is that bringing out the Vampires again is very costly and they immediately loose their cap again. Also Thirst + Restricted Vitae helps drain Vampires, which in turn works out well with Banishment. And Reverend Adams (adv) special also works nicely with the Gehenna cards.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 4 max: 7 average: 5.5

5x Karen Suadela (7) :CEL: :POT: :obf: :pre: prince :bruj: (group 5)

1x Axel Von Anders (5) :PRE: :cel: :obf: :pot: !bruj! (group 4)

1x Herbert Westin (5) :OBF: :PRE: :pot: :bruj: (group 4)

1x Victor Pelletier (5) :PRE: :cel: :dom: :for: :vent: (group 4)

1x Bethany Ray (4) :PRE: :aus: :tore: (group 5)

1x Loonar (4) :PRE: :cel: !tore! (group 4)

1x Reginald Moore (4) :PRE: primogen :bruj: (group 4)

1x Reverend Adams Adv (4) :PRE: :aus: :vent: (group 4)

Library [90 cards]

Action [4]

4x Legal Manipulations

Action Modifier [31]

2x Awe
8x Bewitching Oration
4x Cloak the Gathering
2x Forgotten Labyrinth
2x Lost in Crowds
4x Veil the Legions
9x Voter Captivation

Combat [12]

9x Majesty
3x Staredown

Event [11]

1x Anthelios, The Red Star
1x Blood Trade
1x Break the Code
1x Fueled by Heart's Blood
1x New Inquisition, The
1x Restricted Vitae
1x Thirst
1x Torpid Blood
3x Wormwood

Master [12]

1x Elysium: The Palace of Versailles
4x Fortschritt Library
3x Obfuscate
1x Presence
1x Ventrue Headquarters
2x Wider View

Political Action [20]

5x Banishment
2x Conservative Agitation
1x Crusade: Brussels
5x Kine Resources Contested
2x Neonate Breach
1x Praxis Seizure: Berlin
1x Praxis Seizure: Cairo
1x Praxis Seizure: Geneva
1x Praxis Seizure: Monaco
1x Praxis Seizure: Rome

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Wed Jan 5 14:42:28 2011]

Any Idea how I can improve the deck?


Edit: I love how the Disciplines show up^^
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05 Jan 2011 17:57 - 05 Jan 2011 18:01 #317 by Joscha
Replied by Joscha on topic Re: The World's Greatest
Ha, what a nice idea.

I'd play a smaller deck, so kick out two cards per section and you got it.

Maybe swapping out one or two non-Brujahs for Brujahs and playing a Brujah Justicar-pol.action?

I'd prefer presence-skillcards over obf. IMHO you don't start with many minions with obf., so if somebody plays strong intercept, you are screwed anyway. I'd play 4-5 Forgotten Labs for Karen and skip the other obfcards for a better cardflow or change them for some more bleedactions (banishing would-be bouncing vampires and then go for it :laugh: ). You are playing many S:CE-cards, so getting blocked doesn't mean that much trouble.

What about 3-4 Parity Shifts? Too bad ;) ? Did you think about Recalled to the Founder?

Regarding your problem with a small hand I'd think about one or two Dreams of the Sphinx. I know, everybody plays it, so contesting could be a problem. But I think there aren't better cards for that problem around.

Baron of Frankfurt
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05 Jan 2011 20:49 #319 by Juggernaut1981
-1 Axel,+1 Herbert (he has :OBF: why not try to really use it?)
-1 Loonar, +1 Bethany Ray (Keep it in the Camarilla...)
-1 Karen, +1 Victor (I know Karen's the Star, but another Justicar is also golden)
+3 or 4 Chumps (Caitiff in particular that don't really have any useful disciplines but can call the votes, take 1-bleeds, eat annoying people, etc)

Even with 9 VCs (and I'd worry you'll handjam), I don't know if you're going to get back the pool you're spending. I'd want to see at least a Villein or two (for Karen at least, in the Wormwood affected phase this will be significant) and maybe some Tribute to the Master since you're planning to have 4 or 5 minions on the table.

I'd give up on Veil the Legions and :OBF: that isn't built in. It frees up a bunch cardslots and realistically can be used to either a) streamline, b) use for Master-based bloating.

Replace the Legals with Enchant Kindreds. And if you include the Caitiff then even Reverend Adams can get you a new nerd for free...

Maybe adjust the balance between Bewitching and Awe. If you want an early Awe to pass major votes, you won't see it and if you aren't able to reliable push a vote through with a prince, primogen and maybe a Ventrue Justicar + bewitching... then you're not dealing hard enough with others.

:bruj::CEL::POT::PRE::tha: Baron of Sydney, Australia, 418

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