file Malkavian Royalty will make you obedient :-)

22 Jul 2011 23:39 - 22 Jul 2011 23:45 #6684 by Boris The Blade
I have played it only once so far. It scored a GW 2.5 on a terrible table: my predator was Mistress Fanchon/Orlando Oriundus and my prey Ayo Igoli, so I was completely outvoted and could not play Obedience.

Temptation of Greater Power on Ayo Igoli let me steal a first VP (best card ever...) then I just grinded the second prey (a setite vote) until drawing a Network. Far Mastery on Ponticulus opened the way for my rushing grand-predator.

I especially like the Eagle sight ad-on, i guess it ads a dimension of table-control, though it does not mash well with second traditions (as you have to be untapped to play eagle sight, since you are not Anneke). But great idea, nevertheless.

If it's not the first action you block, you can have untapped from the previous Second Trad/Obedience. You can also stay untapped: Greger cannot play superior Obedience anyway, so he won't multiact. They are also here for the inferior: Second Tradition is so good that people expect no other reactions in the deck, so the third intercept can surprise.

How has Forest of shadows served you? I have it, but it rarely makes the cut? You seem a little thin on the stealth part, also? Do you get blocked much?

With mostly +1 stealth undirected actions and 2 permanent stealth cards, I feel it's enough. There are bondings to help when bleeding. That's probably the difference with your approach: I don't really do stealth-bleed, I only bleed seriously once I can swarm with the Network. Monastery of Shadows might be better than the Forest, but I don't have any.

How about Jugment: camarilla segregation? Whenever i seem to put this card in a deck, my prey is camarilla, but cross-table are sabbat :)

They did their job, but they will likely make room for Banishment.

Why Montreal? It should be counter-intuitive with parity shift?

I like Montrel here because I can defend it and it's a crypt accelerator if drawn early. It is mostly here to influence new vampires, I don't expect to transfer back too much. But then again, I play 12 Second Trad/ Obedience, you play 7, so it's not really the same deck.
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23 Jul 2011 20:12 #6712 by Pendargon
I played today 3 more games, scoring 2 gw with 6 vp's.

I added one spying mission (which proved invaluable), and substituted Wider view for Giant's blood (which never came).

I was really surprised how effective the deck turned out to be, with smooth flow of cards [and some serious topdecking goodnes :) ]. The dreams were invaluable. I also think that maybe adding more mental maze would be excellent, as one of them saved me from the evil garou rush. I think i am on to something here B) .

The only game i didn't get a game win was when i was predator to the anarch AUS weenies, who managed to pull 3 anarch revolts and a jack in first 4 turns ( starting with a convert), an in my crypt draw there was nobody who could try to go anarch :( . Still, i managed to nearly kill him before i died, leaving him on only 2 pool, for my predator to sweep the table. Alas, you cannot have everything :-D

Blood management is still an issue, but somehow, the game seem to end (one way or the other, before i run completely dry. Though, couple of times i used my network actions to hunt. Will keep you posted wiht more experiences...

:QUI: :POT: :OBE: :CEL: :OBF: :tore: :assa:

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