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30 Aug 2020 21:49 - 30 Aug 2020 21:50 #100645 by Neverwinter

Honorable Kindred:

Neverwinter will celebrate Cultos de Sangre. We are glad to announce that it will be on the 23th of October 2020 in Palma de Mallorca (Spain).

Don't miss the event.


Max. 10 Methuselah part A & 10 Methuselah part B
Event Date: 23th October 2020
Event Location: Neverwinter Club ( Avenida Arquitecte Gaspar Bennassar, 7) for part A and Neverwinter Bar (Plaza Santa Elisabet, 5) for the part B
City: Palma de Mallorca
Country: Spain
Event Coordinators: José María Prieto (aka Hecatombe)
Oganizers: Neverwinter Club
Format: Standard Constructed
# of rounds: 3+F
Time limit per round: 2 hours
Final round time limit: 2 hours
Start time: 16h
End time: 00h.
Entry fee: 6€

Preregistrations at:

We accept bank transfer, and you can pay in the shop with cash or credit card.


Each player will receive: Promo cards for participate
Every round winner will receive: one promo cards

Top 5 of both tournaments will have an invitation to 24th October Cultos de Sangre

The winner of part A and part B will receive: 40 handmade tokens

Come to our castle dear kindred

Come to our castle dear kindred
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