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20 Oct 2023 09:20 #109612 by Hecatombe
Hello, Orian,

I was not contacted by you, if you need anything else let me know. My email address is

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Prince of Palma,Mallorca, Spain.

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23 Oct 2023 09:14 #109638 by Jannu
Hi Orian!

Finnish nationals are 4.11. I have not heard anything from you. Contact me: if you need anything to get things moving.

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National Coordinator of Finland
Prince of Hämeenlinna

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02 Nov 2023 08:36 #109730 by Glinlos
Good morning,

On December 16th, an annual tournament will take place in Barcelona, titled 'Vtes perr La Marató de TV3.' This tournament is a charitable event, and all proceeds will be donated to the Fundació La Marató ( The tournament prizes are generously sponsored by various sponsors and volunteers.

For more details, you can visit the event's Facebook page at

You can also find information about the event on the VEKN website at

Here are links to events from previous years:

Thank you for your attention.

I can be contacted through email () or WhatsApp +34 696 72 29 63

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09 Nov 2023 18:31 #109813 by NakedStallion
Hi Orian,
Miro from Italy.

On december 9th, 2023 the first stage of GP tour 2024 will take place in Milan:
you can find the first pack of info here and here

More info will come, not on a daily basis but almost, so keep an eye on vekn and on our
FB page ;)

This year we are ready to rumble and expecting between 60 and 70 players.

For further infos or clarifications you can contact me via email ()

Thanks in advance

Italy NC
"Modesty invented the dress to better enjoy the nudity"

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16 Nov 2023 09:43 #109852 by TapeTaChatte
everything should be handled as of today, let me know if not, thx

IC Organized play coordinator
Please contact me with any OP query using the mail in my profile

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19 Dec 2023 10:56 #110119 by Dani
Hi Orian
Hope you are having a nice day.

I am Daniel Méndez Carreño vekn 4470007, prince of Gijón and this time I am organizing the Spanish National

Championship 2024. The National Championship will be held in the north, in the city of Avilés with a maximum capacity of 250 players. In recent years, there has been a growing increase in attendance at large events.

On 11/27/2021, the 2021 National Championship, organized by José Más Cruz vekn 1002913, had a participation of 112 players.

On 4/6/2022, Nazional Zaragoza 2022, organized by Raúl Perfecto Carcelero vekn 3330967, had a participation of 139 players.

On 3/25/2023, National VTES Spain 2023 - Seville, organized by Javier Naranjo Ortiz vekn 8530107, had a participation of 146 players.

And in the last big event held in Spain, the CE.
-Divided into 3 days-

1) On 10/13/2023, VtES European "Last Chance" Qualifier 2023, organized by Rubén Blanch vekn, had a participation of 221 players.

2) On 10/14/2023, VtES European Qualifier 2023, organized by Rubén Blanch vekn 2680007, had a participation of 269 players.

3) On 10/15/2023, VtES European 2023 Day Two "seleccionados", organized by Tomás López Jiménez vekn 1003983, had a participation of 85 players.

Taking these events as a reference, we estimate a participation of 200 players and we would be interested in the support of Ultra Pro.

The event will take place during the Avilés manga fair on April 20, 2024, on a surface area of over 8000m², of which I will use 1500m² to serve families who accompany us with board games, role-playing games, children’s role-playing games, workshops, other TCGs, and WarGames.

Links of interest:

Broadcast media:

Best regard
Daniel MC vekn 4470007 Pc Gijón
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