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Black Forest Base/Hunting Ground Freiburg: Return of the She-Wolf

Recently the first she-wolf was sighted in the Black Forest. Anxiously, local newspapers, farmers and neonates all whisper "Is the Black Forest still safe?"

Methuselahs like you are not so easily spooked. Join us in the Black Forest Base, let us continue the eternal struggle and make the ignorant, thin-blooded minions dance on their strings.

Tournament: Black Forest Base / Hunting Ground Freiburg: Return of the She-Wolf
Time: Saturday, 18.3.2023
Venue: Kainskind, Schusterstraße 34-36, 79098 Freiburg
Type: Standard constructed, 3R+F (If less than 12 players attend: multi-deck)
Vekn calendar:
Cost: 12 € (drinks & snacks included, the rest goes to price support. Support your local shops!).

The current tournament rules apply:
Proxies ok (please only use tournament legal printouts: see tournament rules § 4.5)

From 11 am: Registration
12 o'clock: Round 1

Contact & Registration
Registration in the german forum: or by email to

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