file 11th Nov. 2018, online VTES tournament via Lackey

15 Oct 2018 08:24 - 15 Oct 2018 13:17 #91194 by beslin igor
Dear Kindred of modern Age:

Long have you been prospering your schemes in the eternal darkness of your isolated tomb...

The world around you has changed !

No longer will you ride on mere mortal horses, or travel by ship in an uncomfortable coffin ! Instead you will link your strong mind to the world wide web, and fight in an Eternal Struggle of unseen Dimension !


Event Date: 11th-November-2018
Event Location: Online LackeyCCG
Country: Worldwide
Event Coordinators: Igor Beslin, Martin Weinmayer
Head Judge: Martin Weinmayer
Multi-judge system: Yes
Format: Standard Constructed
# of rounds: 2+F
Time limit per round: 2.5 hours
Final round time limit: 2.5 hours
Start time: 3pm CET
Entry fee: Free


Exclusive Champion Title: Relentless Reaper 2018

Get recognized as true Champion !
Our reward system will show off this title beside your name for the rest of your eternal unlife.

Get rating points for Online World Ranking

Advance in the ranks of our most accomplished VTES players !
Online World Ranking soon to be on

Win a full set of the infamous Berlin Anthology Pack

Making its first appeareance at the European Championship in 2017,
this set sports some of the most valuable cards out there !
For a full checklist look here:


Send me your Lackey Nickname and Real Name at


Igor Beslin
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15 Oct 2018 12:55 #91197 by Snodig
Excuse my nitpicking, but is this really an “Invitational”?

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15 Oct 2018 13:20 #91198 by beslin igor
Tournament is “Invitational” for each VTES player to try play online tournament :) :cheer:

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25 Oct 2018 22:42 - 25 Oct 2018 22:43 #91496 by angrynewb
You can also register or show your interest on this Facebook event page:

lets play! :-)
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10 Nov 2018 12:11 - 10 Nov 2018 12:35 #91776 by angrynewb
Registration Info:

Participants please register on LackeyCCG until 15min before the games start by contacting BeslinIgor or angrynewb.

You can also preregister on the event page on Facebook:

We expect all registered players to be Online in Lackey 5min before the start of the game!


The VEKN rules for standard constructed apply
Format: 1 Deck only
Timelimit: 2.5 hours (for both 4 and 5 player tables)
Finals: Random Seating
Banned cards: For obvious reasons Malkavian Game, Malkavian Prank and Game of Malkav are banned from online play.

Setting up the Game:
After the registration is complete, the Organizers will post the tables in Lackey Chat. (5 or 4 player tables)
Although the order has no impact on the actual seating, the first player named for each table is asked to host the game.
Once all players are in the game, you have to load your deck before continuing with seating.
Next, each player rolls D20 to determine seating. The order of play is from lowest to highest. (lowest roll will be starting player).
You can then place and look at your starting crypt and see your starting hand cards.

To finish the Setup do the following:
Choose one player to take the time on the table.
Declare if you are streaming or recording the game.
Connect on a voice program like Discord, Teamspeak or Skype if ALL players on the table agree to use it.

The Clock and You:

Since we do want to have fair games as much as possible, you are allowed to stop the time whenever necessary.
This includes but is not restricted to: disconnects, players beeing afk, rule questions, explaining lackey mechanics;
It is not allowed to stop time for things like: deals, chatting, ashur tablets or similiar game mechanics.

Rulings and Judge:

In most situations we expect each table to handle it by themselves using google search, vtes group chat or vekn site for references.
Even though you are allowed to stop the time, if you cant find a solution in a timely manner, you can call for a judge in LackeyCCG chat or send a whisper to the headjudge (angrynewb)

We hope to see you tomorrow on the battlefield ;-)
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