file Online league is back-start 15 jan 2023.

10 Jan 2023 20:16 #107176 by beslin igor
Just short anounce next 4 sundays will be played online league with format 3R+Finals.
Games will be start in 20:30 CET.
More rules next days.

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11 Jan 2023 19:10 - 11 Jan 2023 21:39 #107182 by beslin igor
Online league: Blood Sorcery league 2023

online league via Lackey and Discord

Online league,format 3 round+finals.

League will be rated in Hook page

League will be also upload in vekn calendar as an unsanctioned tournament.

R1 - 15 jan
R2 - 22 jan
R3 - 29 jan
finals - 05 feb

Games start in 20:30h CET- 19:30 GMT

Time limit for every table(4 or 5 players) will be 2,5 hours.

Communication will be via English language via discord. Players who do not speak English well can use lackey chat, but are required to listen to other players via discord

A VEKN ID required for registration.
Discord link for registration:

This is a multi-deck system (you can change deck between each round), self-organized games will be allowed for players who cannot play every Sunday, but at a maximum of 2 self-organized game allowed per player. Self-organized games must be opened for everyone participating in the league and announced on the VTES discord server.

Maximum numbers games per player is 3 games,players who cannot play every sunday they can play self organize games,but maximum is 2 self organize games.

Players who want to play any of rounds or self organize games,need to check-in for current round. only registered players can check-in.

After game,players who receive any VP need to report it in online archon.

Finals rules:
In finals players can chose any deck, even if they dint use this deck during league.
Standard finals rules,players reveal top 3 crypt,and chose his position on table,top seed chose position last.

Event prizes:
VTESSTORE.COM is adding a $40 prize pool to The Sunday VTES Lackey League. First place will earn $20 in Store credit with the rest of the five each earning $5.

Additionally use Promo Code SundayLeague to get 10% off on your purchase of singles and for all purchases made while the league is running we will add 10% of all sales using that promo code to the prize pool!
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15 Jan 2023 16:21 #107197 by beslin igor
Last reminder and seating,deck load and self organize games rules.

League start today in 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT)

Archon online set parings and seating. 1st name need to host table. 1st player in table load deck 1st,last load deck last.
in finals is diferent order load deck,1st load 5th seed,last load top seed. after all load deck,players reveal his 3 top crypt cards.

Self organize game rules:
With archon online we also get new rules for self-organize games.
Players need to be registered with his vekn ID .
player who want to organize self-organize game,need to ask in Blood Sorcery discord server if there interested people for league game.
games must be opened and anyone can register to play.
when get enough players for 1 or more tables,players need to call one of judges to judge open checkin in lackey.
players who want to play,they checkin,judge close checkin and ask archon to archon set parings and seatings,then games can start.
self-organize games serve to help players who cannot play in sunday to get games another days and maximum self-organize games is 2 per league.
players not restricted when they want to play his games in league,so even if player for example play 1st round,him can play self-organize game before 2nd round start.

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16 Jan 2023 18:27 - 16 Jan 2023 18:28 #107208 by beslin igor
Yesterday is played 1st round,13 players attend in 3 games.
in 2 games we see GW,in one we see tie 2-2.

you can see deck statistic here in hook:

tabela in hook:https:

next round will be played next sunday,players who skip 1st round can play self organize game during this week. read rules how to anounce self organize game,and try to play.
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23 Jan 2023 20:40 #107247 by beslin igor
Yesterday is played 2nd round.
16 players-4 tables.
in every table we see GW.
in tabela we have 1 player with 2GW and 4 players with 1GW,they have good chance to stay in top 5,but we need to count how self organized games still can be played,and something can be changed.
Next sunday we play last round and then determine 5 finalists.
Please players when you be ousted or finish you game,when report results please report what deck type you play,for statistic in league as we did before. i colect some deck types but not all,link is here:

tabela in hook:

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30 Jan 2023 19:23 #107292 by beslin igor
Yesterday is played 3rd round.
14 players- 3 tables.
in every table we see GW.
Total number players in league is 19.
Top 5 are same as after round 2,they only change some places.
tabela in hook is here:

All results here in hook:

Finals will be played next sunday in 20:30 CET.

top 5:
@gotcha (3GW10.0, 180TP)
@NoSoup4you (2GW9.0, 174TP)
@Lasse (2GW9.0, 162TP)
@mjvtes521 (1GW5.0, 132TP)
@Aitor (1GW4.0, 112TP)

stream link will be shared in day when finals be playing

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