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06 Feb 2023 18:37 - 06 Feb 2023 18:38 #107334 by beslin igor
Blood Sorcery league 2023
Yesterday is played finals,winner is Bram van Stappen-gotcha from Belgium, 4 VP in finals.
19 players play this league.
tabela in hook:
all results in hook with decks archetypes:

Short report finals:
Decks archetypes you can see in image.

4 players chose fast decks,only one toolbox.
1st oust we see in 30 mins when NoSoup get 1VP, 3mins later gotcha get his 1st VP, after is Capuchin deck ousted(only deck who block something in table),there be clear how game will be finished fast,until end of game gotcha oust Lasse and NoSoup and won 4VP.
Game is finished in 58 mins!
Thanks HeySteev on stream finals and prizes for finalist.
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