file Online league: Carfax Abbey 2023 start in sunday 23 april

21 May 2023 17:18 #108132 by mjvtes521
Here's some more info on my Anarch Gargoyle vote deck (Garoyles on the Death Star) that won this tournament. I don't want to post the deck list since it won't go into the TWDA (it was a multi-deck tournament) but I'll provide some info.

First off, I used this deck in 3 of the 4 games and got both GWs with this deck (plus the 1.5 VPs in the finals). I got 0VP in the other game with a different deck. Also, if there was no timer (it was 2.5 hours though), I think I would've pulled off the GW. I had eaten Ghede and had vote lock, so i got off a couple of 5 point Con Boons in the head to head and my opponent only had Seterpenre and like 8 pool at the timeout. I had 12 pool, vote lock, plus a Secure Haven on Baron Alabastrom, so I would likely have won in the end with a couple rescues and maybe bringing out another 5-cap Gargoyle. Not guaranteed though. It is true that I screwed up early and Toms would've ousted me with 1 more stealth card. But he didn't, so I passed a couple of votes backwards with Cerion, his predator's help. Cerion had the only other votes on the table, so I knew if he got ousted, I'd have vote lock, and I survived long enough for that to eventually happen.

The deck gets Fee Stakes and deeds into play and as many hatchlings as I can to later pass Reckless Ags, Eat the Rich, and huge Rev Councils (Death Star). Then it pretty much has all the other great Anarch disciplineless cards, Bituin is a great recent addition. Porphyry isn't worth a spot with her basic Visceratika. Garibaldi is super strong and should likely get a nerf eventually. Hatchlings are the best babies in the game. Was a very fun tournament and hopefully i get this deck into the TWDA eventually. Thanks Igor, for hosting another great online tournament.
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