file Online league: Deflection league 2023-start 26. nov 2023

17 Nov 2023 19:13 #109862 by beslin igor
Online league: Deflection league 2023

online league via Lackey and Discord

Online league,format 3 round+finals.

Multi deck sistem


Round 1: 26 november 2023
Round 2: 03 december 2023
Round 3: 10 december 2023
Finals: 17 december 2023

Games start in 21h CET

Time limit for every table(4 or 5 players) will be 2 hours.

Communication will be in the English language via Discord. Players who do not speak English well can use lackey chat, but are required to listen to other players via discord.

A VEKN ID is required for registration. Discord link for registration: will be published later.

The league will be rated on the Hook page:

The league will also be uploaded in the Vekn calendar as an unsanctioned tournament.

This is a multi-deck system (you can change decks between each round). Self-organized games will be allowed for players who cannot play every Sunday, but at a maximum of two self-organized games are allowed per player. Self-organized games must be opened for everyone participating in the league and announced on the VTES discord server.

The maximum number of games per player is three. Players who cannot play every Sunday can play self-organized games, but the maximum is two self-organized games.

Players who want to play any of the rounds or self-organize games need to check in for the current round. Only registered players can check in.

After the game,players who receive any VPs need to report it in the online archon.

Finals rules:
In finals, players can choose any deck, even if they do not use this deck during the league.
Standard finals rules: players reveal the top 3 crypts and choose their position on the table; the top seed chooses his position last.

Archon online set parings and seating. The first name needs to host the table. 1st player in table load deck 1st,last load deck last. Before the game starts, players must shuffle their crypt and library! 
In finals, there are different order load decks: 1st load 5th seed,last load top seed. After everyone has loaded their decks, the players reveal his top three crypt cards.

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21 Nov 2023 13:24 #109886 by beslin igor
Self organize game rules:
With archon online we also get new rules for self-organize games.
Players need to be registered with his vekn ID .
player who want to organize self-organize game,need to ask in Deflection league discord server if there interested people for league game.
games must be opened and anyone can register to play.
when get enough players for 1 or more tables,players need to call one of judges to judge open checkin in lackey.
players who want to play,they checkin,judge close checkin and ask archon to archon set parings and seatings,then games can start.
self-organize games serve to help players who cannot play in sunday to get games another days and maximum self-organize games is 2 per league.
players not restricted when they want to play his games in league,so even if player for example play 1st round,him can play self-organize game before 2nd round start.

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30 Nov 2023 19:45 #109976 by beslin igor
Online league: Deflection league 2023

League start in sunday with 3 games played and 1 self organize game is played in wendesday.

in these 4 games we see 3GW.
1 table is finished by time out.

tabela in hook:

results in hook:

complete rules in vekn:

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10 Dec 2023 17:33 - 10 Dec 2023 17:33 #110047 by beslin igor
Online league: Deflection league 2023

In thursday is played 2 self-organize games.

results in hook:


Today at 21h CET, we play the last round, and after the games, we determine the five finalists.
A player who hasn't played any games in the league can join the finals with 1 GW and 3 VP, which can be enough.
I call every player who is free to participate today in the last round of this event and get fun.
Last edit: 10 Dec 2023 17:33 by beslin igor.

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11 Dec 2023 19:11 #110060 by beslin igor
Online league: Deflection league 2023

Yesterday was the last round of the deflection league.

12 players played on 3 tables.

Every table is finished by GW.

Players who didn't have GW before the last round take GW in the last round.

1 player who was not in the top 5 entered the finals in the last round,and another 4 stayed in position to enter the finals.

The finals will take place on Sunday, December 17th at 21h CET.



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