file TWD - Last Stand, Osijek (Croatia), (13.July. 2011)

22 Jul 2011 14:11 - 22 Jul 2011 14:13 #6653 by Karo
Last Stand
Osijek, Croatia
July 13th, 2011
12 players

Winner: Denes Kocis with 3 points in the Final
Final Seating was:
Denes Kocis (Ventrue Lawfirm feat. Arika) -->
Vedran Simunec (weeny dem bleed) -->
Ivan Gudelj (Akunanse No Secrets) -->
Tomislav Buljevic (Demented Ravnos feat. Tsunda) -->
Slaven Karakas (Tzimisce Wall feat. Duality)

Winning Deck:

Deck Name: Arika & friends v 2.0
Created By: Denes Kocis
Description: Build Up and Rule

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 33, Max: 43, Avg: 9,66)
3 Arika aus cel DOM FOR OBF PRE11 Ventrue
1 Catherine du Bois DOM for obf pre5 Ventrue
1 Katarina Kornfeld ani DOM FOR PRE8 Ventrue
3 Lucinde Alastor DOM FOR obf pot PRE tha10 Ventrue
2 Marcus Vitel DOM FOR OBF OBT PRE10 Ventrue
2 Queen Anne aus DOM FOR obf PRE10 Ventrue

Library: (86 cards)
Master (17 cards)
1 Dreams of the Sphinx
1 Information Highway
5 Minion Tap
1 Monastery of Shadows
1 Obfuscate
1 Secure Haven
1 Temptation of Greater Power
1 Ventrue Headquarters
1 Giant`s Blood
4 Zillah`s Valley

Action (5 cards)
1 Dominate Kine
3 Govern the Unaligned
1 Mind Rape

Action Modifier (29 cards)
2 Awe
3 Elder Impersonation
4 Forgotten Labyrinth
5 Freak Drive
4 Conditioning
4 Lost in Crowds
1 Daring the Dawn
6 Voter Captivation

Political Action (13 cards)
2 Banishment
6 Kine Resources Contested
3 Parity Shift
1 Reins of Power
1 Ancient Influence

Reaction (16 cards)
4 Obedience
8 Deflection
4 Second Tradition: Domain, The

Combat (6 cards)
6 Majesty

former NC for Croatia
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22 Jul 2011 14:19 #6654 by Pendargon
Denes still rolls with that thing?

c,c,c... Next time when I come, Theo Bell's gonna give Arika a little visit. I'm sure she will find his charm - disarming B) :evil:

Anyway, interesting decks in the finals!
All best!

:QUI: :POT: :OBE: :CEL: :OBF: :tore: :assa:

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22 Jul 2011 14:34 #6656 by Karo
Yeah interesting finals...
I couldn't move since Tsunda breed/demented bleed was waiting on my wrong move from the very start with many False Resonances. Akunanse fell in few turns since he didn't expect Coma in combat with his precious Uchenna and weeny demented girls and dudes plowed through. While demented bleeders were having fun Ventrue//Denes// could almost do anything he wanted to. Weeny Dementation eventually ate Tsunda and I still didn't pull 1 of my 6 war ghouls :/ After a while mine Atoned vamps stopped weeny dementation enough so Denes could kill him. In the end I was left on four vamps without 1 villein/vessel pulled in about 3/4 of my deck against Arika, Queen Anne and Marcus Vitel. So almost on pure numbers he got me and got his 3 VP's.

Interesting fact is that he didn't win any VP's prior to the 3rd round in which he got 4 VP's! First favorite was the Ravnos that trampled through first two rounds with ease. But when playing finals there is much to be owed due pure luck.

former NC for Croatia

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22 Jul 2011 14:39 #6657 by Pendargon
If ravnos was indeed first seed, i think he choose seating in the finals poorly.

But yes, it seems it was a great finale! Bad luck for you on not getting those war ghouls early, but sometimes, such is life... ;)

:QUI: :POT: :OBE: :CEL: :OBF: :tore: :assa:

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