check TWD - Marty Lechtansi got your ankle, (Seattle) (28. Apr. 2019)

29 Apr 2019 22:05 - 21 May 2019 13:36 #94724 by gman
Marty Lechtansi got your ankle
Seattle, Washington State
April 28th, 2019
10 players
Bill Troxel

Grayson (Giovanni tap n bleed) -> Burt (Arika multi-act) -> Bill (Kiasyd Tablets) -> Geoff (Setites bleed/minion stealing) -> Darby (Giovanni stealth bleed)

Deck Name: Take 30 Tablets and Call Me in the Morning
Author: Bill Troxel
Winner, Seattle/Denver Spring Tourneys 2019, Day 2

Deck was fun and resilient. If I were to play it again, I would include one more anti-location card (either Unnatural Disaster or a second Dominate Kine) and one or two bits of intercept (maybe KRCG and an Eyes of the Night). Oh, and a Great Symposium would be a nice add as well.

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=4 max=6 avg=5.33)
1x Andrew Emory 5 aus dom pot OBT Lasombra:4
1x Banjoko 5 obt pot DOM Lasombra:3
2x Dame Hollerton 5 myt DOM OBT Kiasyd:4
2x Ermenegildo, The Rake 5 pot DOM OBT Lasombra:4
5x Isanwayen 6 DOM MYT OBT Kiasyd:4
1x Quincy, The Trapper 4 dom myt obt Kiasyd:3

Library (90 cards)
Master (57)
30x Ashur Tablets
3x Chanjelin Ward
1x Coven, The
1x Direct Intervention
1x Giant's Blood
1x Golconda: Inner Peace
1x Life Boon
6x Liquidation
1x Misdirection
5x Parthenon, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Secure Haven
1x Specialization
1x Sudden Reversal
1x Vessel
2x Wider View

Event (1)
1x Fourth Cycle, The

Action (6)
1x Dominate Kine
1x Far Mastery
3x Govern the Unaligned
1x Graverobbing

Political Action (1)
1x Anarchist Uprising

Equipment (1)
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Action Modifier (11)
1x Blanket of Night
1x Bonding
2x Conditioning
1x Seduction
2x Shadow Play
2x Shroud of Absence
1x Shroud of Night
1x Stone Travel

Reaction (9)
5x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics
2x On the Qui Vive

Combat (3)
1x Arms of the Abyss
1x Entombment
1x Shadow Body

Combo (1)
1x Fae Contortion

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30 Apr 2019 00:07 #94726 by Mewcat
Can you run me through the th ought process on the deck design? I can never get the delegate balance on these decks.
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30 Apr 2019 02:34 #94727 by LivesByProxy
30 Ashur Tablets :lol:

I like the variety of +stealth and block denial.

:gang: :CEL: :FOR: :PRO: :cap6: Gangrel. Noddist. Camarilla. Once each turn, LivesByProxy may burn 1 blood to lose Protean :PRO: until the end of the turn and gain your choice of superior Auspex :AUS:, Obfuscate :OBF:, or Potence :POT: for the current action.

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30 Apr 2019 07:42 #94728 by Tendoncutter

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30 Apr 2019 09:10 #94729 by Lönkka
This is why you play with plenty of Trochomancies... :)

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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01 May 2019 14:41 #94751 by Killiam
Got a request from Karl for a summary of this tournament win, or, more to the point, an explanation of how a midcap S+B Ashur deck with 57 masters could win a table alongside Arika and two Giovanni bleed decks. Here’s the skinny.

1. My predator (Burt), drew no early-game acceleration and brought out Arika first. I immediately Pentexed her and the Pentex stuck for a couple of turns.
2. My prey (Geoff, piloting Setite bleed/Entice) was packing bleed reduction but no bounce, so he was the bleed sink at a bleed-heavy table.
3. Grayson (Giovanni bleed w/Talbot’s) scored the first VP against the weakened Arika deck.
4. Darby (Giovanni power-bleed with Le Dinh Tho and Lisandro G.) scored the second VP with huge bleeds against Grayson, who had spent a fair amount of pool on allies, vamps and equipment.
5. Geoff had out a Form of Corruption with a couple counters by now. I was making sure to bleed him every turn so that every time Darby landed a bleed, the Form would gain a counter. The idea of possibly losing Le Dinh Tho to the Form pissed Darby off, so he deliberately uncorked some “irresponsible” bleed.
6. I had already recycled a Deflection to hand with my first set of Ashurs, and had drawn into 2 more, so I was ready for Darby’s lunge. He knocked out most of Geoff’s pool, and I finished him off with a Govern+Bonding.
7. For the heads up, I had already bloated a good amount thanks to Specialization and Liquidation. I also had some bleed in hand, and used it. By the time my second set of Ashurs went off (yes, I only popped 2 sets that game), Darby was low on pool, so the only thing I bothered to grab from the ash heap was a Conditioning for the win.

Long story short, I had good seating and a good draw. It was a fun final, and well-played all around.

(Bill Troxel)
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