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14 Jul 2021 07:48 #102693 by Lönkka
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Certainly with this kind of track record he deserves to be on HoF!

Just to be sure: I'm not questioning these additions to TWD archive, just wondered what caused so many and so noticeable delays.

And it is GREAT to have decks added to the TWDA so we get as complete list of tournament winning decks there as possible.

I just hope the archons were uploaded for these events...

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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14 Jul 2021 17:18 #102698 by Millicent
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The tournaments and the archons were presented correctly, at least all that I am showing here. In fact, all ppl can check this out through the link I posted under the every decklist.

The thing is that the player himself, never posted the decklist with the intention to get him in the HoF.

Recently, I saw the HoF and I thought that there have to be a new member.

Btw I’m playing since 2ndEd, Prince since 2000-2008 and 2019-now... just I’m not interested in do things with no criteria.

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