question-circle [TWD] Finnish Nationals 2021 - Espoo, Finland - 2021-11-20

23 Nov 2021 09:38 #103968 by UFOPOLI

Thx for list deck .
The deck giovanni only have 10 vampires ?

I was informed the written list was missing two Anarch Converts. It's fixed now.

:baal: 2 votes (titled) of Helsinki

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23 Nov 2021 10:13 - 23 Nov 2021 10:17 #103970 by Bloodartist
Congratulations to the winner! It was a great tournament overall.

Offering translation of the winner's thoughts for those who might be interested:

The final table seemed to be decided by a few lucky events and especially seating and standings.

Seating formed around Juri and Joona as expected when other finalists took turns sitting in front of Guillaume. Juri was forced to start the game and it looked like Magnus had a very easy first victory point when Juri's first action was rescuing Nefertiti.

Tommi offered to help ousting Magnus at a crucial moment, because he was unable to oust me at that point. Tommi's condition for the deal was that I should use the pool from the oust for new vampires, essentially not gaining pool from the oust.

In my next turn I used the opportunity Tommi had given me and ousted Magnus. I honored the deal in my part and brought out a new vampire.

In his next turn Tommi attempted to oust me. An attempt which was denied by a well-timed Delaying Tactics, after which I had the opportunity to oust Juri. Tommi's second attempt at ousting me was deflected by the next lucky DT, after which I just tried to hang on even though I was being harassed by Joona's shambling hordes.

Few moments later Tommi managed to oust yours truly, after which Tommi and Joona fought fiercely to decide who is better. Fortunately for me, time ran out before Tommi got the oust.

In my opinion Tommi's calculations were particularly impressive and goal-oriented. After Magnus was ousted, it would've been enough for Tommi to oust me and Juri even if Joona would have won the heads-up.

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