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06 Nov 2022 10:17 - 27 Nov 2022 13:26 #106718 by UFOPOLI
Finnish Nationals 2022
Espoo, Finland
3R + F
45 players
winner: Teemu Sainomaa

After last year's dramatic surge in participation numbers, we managed to retain a similar level, despite a bunch of last minute cancelations. For myself, it was the fifth time hosting the nationals, so the routine is getting pretty well rehearsed. As seems to be a common theme in Finnish large events, we had a tight schedule dictated by the venue's limitations, but everything went well, as usual

The hit meme of the tournament was the amount of the unnamed decks. At least six of them were spotted, which means that almost every seventh deck featured our dear old shady beast. I was naturally a part of the problem myself, but I regret nothing, even though I may be personally partly to blame for the phenomenon. And even though there was another unnamed in two of my three tables...

The amount of combat decks seemed very low by Finnish standards, and I didn't come across that many walls, either. This was reflected in the final that included two heavy bleed decks, one bleed/vote, one bleed/breed, and one wall.

The final table:
  1. Antti Penttilä (Palla Grande breed) 1 VP
  2. Jyri Puhakka (the unnamed bleed)
  3. Teemu Sainomaa (Gangrel barons wall) 3 VP
  4. Juha Nyholm (Art of Memory bleed) 1 VP
  5. Esa-Matti Smolander (Stanislava)
Congratulations to the winner who will post his list and possible comments here shortly!

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06 Nov 2022 14:00 #106720 by Jannu
Archon approved.

Congratulations for Teemu S. for winning the nationals!

We had good amount of blood hungry participants in our international tournament and even new blood in bigger tournament scene. Awesome.

Also thanks for the organizers, everything went well once again.

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06 Nov 2022 14:05 #106721 by UFOPOLI
Deck Name: Shattering Gangrels
Author: Azazel

Crypt (12 cards, min=14 max=26 avg=5.25)
2x Massimiliano 7 ANI FOR pro baron Gangrel:6
2x Casey Snyder 6 PRO ani cel for baron Gangrel:6
2x Kuyén 6 ANI PRO baron Gangrel:6
1x Martina Srnankova 6 FOR PRO ani Gangrel:6
1x Kamile Paukstys 5 PRO ani for Gangrel:6
1x Hanna Nokelainen 4 ani for pro Gangrel:6
1x Nathan Turner 4 PRO ani Gangrel:6
1x Indira 3 PRO Gangrel:6
1x Joaquín de Cádiz 3 for pro Gangrel:6

Library (87 cards)
Master (14; 4 trifle)
1x Anarch Free Press, The
1x Anarch Railroad
1x Backways
1x Carfax Abbey
1x Ecoterrorists
1x Ennoia's Theater
1x Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
1x Powerbase: Los Angeles
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch
1x Society of Leopold
4x Vessel

Action (14)
1x Constant Revolution
2x Rewilding
4x Shattering
7x Thing

Equipment (3)
1x Camera Phone
2x Sniper Rifle

Political Action (1)
1x Revolutionary Council

Retainer (4)
4x Raven Spy

Action Modifier (3)
3x Earth Control

Action Modifier/Reaction (4)
4x Form of the Bat

Reaction (30)
10x Bait and Switch
5x Deep Ecology
6x Eyes of the Wild
9x Organized Resistance

Combat (14)
10x Earth Meld
4x Form of Mist

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07 Nov 2022 12:55 #106731 by Lönkka
What makes me happy is that we also got a table or so of tournament neonates attend the nationals! Yay for the new blood! Plus we had some of the foreign types from the Western Wonderland aka Svearike grace us with their presence -compatriots,it is great to see you!

Congrats to Teemu for the win, thanks to Tero and Tommi for running the tournament, and Niko, Noora and everyone else who participated in the gift.

I was totally flabbergasted so I need to quote something appropriate here:

"Tonight's our night, we'll never go it alone
Tonight's our night, we're never going home
With the greatest friends I swear I've known

-Cancer Bats, "Deathsmarch"

Finnish :POT: Politics!

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