check TWD - Transfer of Power, Mechelen (Belgium) (16 April 2023)

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Transfer of Power
April 16, 2023
19 players
Jeroen van Oort

--2GW + 5VP in final

Deck Name: Malkavian bleed with a twist of hand control
Author: Oortje
Description: Malkavian bleed with a twist of hand control.G56 TWD 17-04_23.
This is a bleed deck with a little fat, which makes it slower then a usual bleed deck. First bring out the biggest with DOM and play 3 or 4 governs superior. Once you have 3 vampires the deck slows down a little because it lost 3 or 4 governs and usually not a lot of stealth. So you should clog little on stealth. But this normalizes in the mid-late game. So poke and bleed a few 1 bleeds just to give m some fake hope.
Oh boy what a joy to play precision bleed. Revelations helped me to get at least 3 sure oust. it's hits were 3 bait and switches, 1 villein, some bleed reduce card and enough knowledge to know that bleeds of 6 would not get me burned.
About the hand control from the title: I not only like to control the hand of my opponent with revelations but also my hand. So I like to play my bleed decks with a big handsize, because I refuse to go into topdeck mode. Bittersweet,Mellon,dreams,library even hearth all support the sure play strategy. Count the number of times that you rely on cards that are in your deck instead of in your hand and if that happens once every 2 turns or more than you should reconsidder your handmanagement strategy.

Crypt (12 cards, min=17 max=31 avg=6.17)
3x Abraham Mellon 8 AUS DOM OBF for tha Malkavian:6
1x Gilbert Duane 7 AUS DOM OBF baron Malkavian:6
1x Jason "Son" Newberry 7 AUS DOM OBF pre primogen Malkavian:6
1x Nathaniel Bordruff 7 DOM OBF POT ani Nosferatu:6
1x Andi Liu 6 DOM aus obf pre prince Malkavian:6
1x Darius Shirazi 6 AUS DOM obf Malkavian:5
1x Colette 5 AUS OBF dom Malkavian:6
1x Evan Klein 5 OBF aus dom pre Malkavian:6
1x Sully 4 aus dom obf Malkavian:6
1x Ashley 3 dom obf Malkavian:6

Library (90 cards)
Master (16; 4 trifle)
1x Asylum Hunting Ground
1x Coven, The
2x Direct Intervention
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Elder Library
1x Giant's Blood
1x Jake Washington
1x Misdirection
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Secure Haven
1x Sudden Reversal
3x Villein

Action (18)
14x Govern the Unaligned
4x Revelations

Ally (2)
1x Muddled Vampire Hunter
1x Ponticulus

Equipment (1)
1x Heart of Nizchetus

Action Modifier (33)
3x Bonding
3x Cloak the Gathering
4x Conditioning
3x Elder Impersonation
4x Faceless Night
3x Foreshadowing Destruction
8x Lost in Crowds
2x Seduction
3x Spying Mission

Action Modifier/Combat (5)
1x Hide the Mind
4x Swallowed by the Night

Reaction (9)
6x Deflection
3x On the Qui Vive

Combat (4)
4x No Trace

Event (2)
1x Bitter and Sweet Story, The
1x Scourge of the Enochians

:trem: Blood never lies :trem: - Prince of Mechelen
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