check TWD - Fee Stake: Jyväskylä, Jyväskylä (Finland) (29 Apr 2023)

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Fee Stake: Jyväskylä
Jyväskylä, Finland
April 29th, 2023
14 players
Winner: Noora Hirvonen

Deck Name: Burn down the patriarchy
Author: Noora Hirvonen
Description: MMPA and revolts. The final round was very different to the preliminary ones, since the heaviest SB decks made it there with most of the vps along with my not that reactive girls. I chose the deck expecting toolboxyish meta, which was mostly right in the prelim. I managed to bloat through the heavy SB in the finals (regret for not including Archon investigation this time), and having enough rushes was key, even if I didn't drawn any acceleration and had to be very careful with my actions. My plan from the start was to go the salmon way, since I knew I could not leave my back open for any of the other decks in the table and my own prey was a lower seed if they happened to get 2 vps in the process (which is what happened, so I won draw with higher seed). I played most of the round with Nana and Aksinya, only getting Cybele up on the latter half of time limit, and risking being ousted by the malk94, but the +1 stealth bleeds of three with Monastery of shadows was the critical finishing touch in the end.

Crypt (14 cards, min=4 max=39 avg=5.64)
3x Cybele 10 ANI DAI OBF PRE SER THA Baali:4
2x Aksinya Daclau 9 ANI FOR PRE PRO cel tha Gangrel antitribu:4
2x Nana Buruku 8 ANI POT PRE Guruhi:4
1x Talbot 7 ANI NEC PRO for Gangrel:5
1x Stick 3 ANI Nosferatu antitribu:4
5x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:ANY

Library (78 cards)
Master (39; 7 trifle)
5x Anarch Revolt
9x Ashur Tablets
1x Direct Intervention
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
1x Giant's Blood
1x Information Highway
4x Liquidation
1x Metro Underground
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Parthenon, The
1x Vessel
5x Villein
1x Wider View
6x Zillah's Valley

Action (8)
7x Deep Song
1x Unleash Hell's Fury

Reaction (6)
1x Cats' Guidance
1x Guard Dogs
4x Sense the Savage Way

Combat (24)
8x Aid from Bats
1x Canine Horde
7x Carrion Crows
2x Rego Motum
4x Taste of Vitae
2x Terror Frenzy

Event (1)
1x Narrow Minds

Prince of Jyväskylä
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01 May 2023 10:22 #107953 by Crixus
Finalists and decks:
Antero Hakala, G2-3 Malkavian S&B
Joona Tuominen, Unnamed
Noora Hirvonen, Combat Girls
Pasi Karjalainen, G5-6 OBF+DOM Bleed
Ari Lensu, Aabbt Kindred Breeder

Prince of Jyväskylä

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02 May 2023 20:22 #107969 by gotcha
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