check TWD - Childe of the Revolution (Campina Grande) (Brasil) (12 November 2023)

22 Nov 2023 04:18 - 22 Dec 2023 06:53 #109890 by Rogerio
Childe of the Revolution
12 November 2023, 10:00 – 20:00
Campina Grande - Paraiba - Brasil
Standard Constructed
10 players
Joab Rogerio Barbosa da Silva (#1004065) tournament winning deck with 4vp in the finals

Deck Name: Leis de Haqim
Description: deck designed by Leonardo Villela

Crypt (13 cards, min=12 max=24 avg=4.69)
2x Hafsa, The Watcher 6 OBF QUI aus cel Banu Haqim:5
2x Kamau Jafari 4 QUI obf Banu Haqim:4
2x Reza Fatir, The Dark Angel 6 CEL QUI obf pro Banu Haqim:4
2x Vardar Vardarian 6 OBF QUI cel pre Banu Haqim:4
1x Alu 2 obf Banu Haqim:5
1x Evan Rogers 3 cel qui Banu Haqim:4
1x Layla bint-Nadr 5 CEL OBF qui Banu Haqim:4
1x Sajid al Misbah 4 QUI Banu Haqim:5
1x Sukainah 3 aus qui Banu Haqim:5

Library (75 cards)
Master (25)
1x Archon Investigation
9x Ashur Tablets
4x Haqim's Law: Retribution
1x Heartblood of the Clan
3x Obfuscate
4x Parthenon, The
3x Tribute to the Master

Action (17)
5x Haqim's Law: Leadership
2x Khabar: Glory
7x Loss
3x Web of Knives Recruit

Action Modifier (15)
3x Cloak the Gathering
3x Faceless Night
3x Lost in Crowds
3x Marked Path
3x Spying Mission

Action Modifier/Combat (18)
18x Swallowed by the Night
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