file Submission: Slave Convert

17 Jul 2016 11:02 #77388 by jamesatzephyr

Cheers James,You have made some very valid points regarding the card being unique ( I forgot to edit/change so multiple copies could be used) and instructions to put in play.

I was thinking perhaps to avoid the master route altogether. Perhaps something like:
+2 stealth action
Requires Gargoyle
If this acting Gargoyle is a slave, put this card on this Gargoyle; the Gargoyle with this card is not a slave. Alternatively, if this acting Gargoyle is not a slave, this Gargoyle gains 2 blood and (after draining off any excess) may burn a blood to untap.

So, you can use it to un-slave yourself; and non-slave vampires can can use it to 'hunt' for 2 blood (it's not actually a hunt action as worded)or to 'hunt' for 1 blood with a built-in untap. You could hunt for 2 and toss in As the Crow yourself, if you wanted, I guess.

A couple of minor points:

1) The "Alternatively,..." wording is there to try to prevent people thinking "Well, I'm a slave, so I'll put it on me. And now I'm not a slave, I get the 2 blood this action too, right?" Which wasn't what I was aiming for. One action un-slaves you, later copies gain you blood.

2) Ashlar is a masonry term I stole from Wikipedia, which I quite like, because it's about precise, fine, high quality work, but doesn't involve the word "stone" or "rock".

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