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21 Aug 2018 18:25 #90174 by LivesByProxy

Name: Clan Unification

WoD Reference: In V5, the 2nd Inquisition...

Within the lore, Clan Nosferatu has always answered to Clan first and sect second. What happens on the top side is very different than what happens in the sewers. This is one of their edges that helps them maintain being the kings of Information Gathering; they work often with their counterparts in the opposite sects.

LivesByProxy wrote:

WoD Reference: In V5, the 2nd Inquisition [...] The Nosferatu & !Nos, intent on surviving, put aside their differences, having always been clan first, sect second.

Hence why they should get a 'clan unification' card, even though such a concept could be applicable to all the clans and antitribu clans, the Nosferatu are the best candidates if it must be clan specific. It's just a shame the clans were broken up into clan / antitribu in the first place...

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