lightbulb Ash heap / Umbra related cards

06 May 2022 16:34 #105197 by Drain
Ashur Tablets is a card both interesting and powerful. My main gripe with it being the time it consumes once it resolves while also recognizing that it is a bit too over the curve.

What ought to be a "deck extension tool" has turned out as surgical recursion for anything a methuselah wants. Basically, if a generic master card recurs better than necromancy, then something is amiss.

I would reprint Ashur Tablets with the following text (spacing added for easier reading):

Ashur Tablets


Put this card in play.

The next thirteen library cards that you burn are placed on the Ashur Tablets (they still count as being in your ash heap).

If you control three copies, remove all copies in play (even controlled by other Methuselahs) from the game to gain 3 pool and choose any number of cards on them; move one of the chosen cards to your hand and shuffle the others in your library.

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