question-circle What triggers your need to build new decks?

14 Jan 2011 21:06 #534 by brandonsantacruz

What inspires you to build new decks?

Vampire specials?
Other people's decks that you think you can improve?
Getting sick of your current decks?

I'm usually way more into vampire's specials and things I haven't played before than I am into combos. Combos are tricky to pull off, especially if someone plays something immune to part or all of it. I'd rather have a deck that sort of works than one that has a significant chance of not working at all. When I see decks, I tend to get ideas about very different ones rather than imitate them. For example, Singing in the Ground inspired me to create a Stanislava tap and bleed deck that was different, but very successful. Bleed for 14 with two actions? Don't mind if I do....

I don't usually play decks enough to get sick of them. I still have a Lutz vote deck sitting in my deck box from a tournament in Berkeley who knows when. I try and rotate decks around enough so that others don't get sick of them. I don't have enough Villeins for all of the high-cap decks I want to make, so I've had to consciously avoid over-committing them.

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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