file Getting back into the game after a 20 year hiatus

29 Nov 2018 19:08 #92149 by Kraus
What I would actually recommend, is that you get familiar with Amaranth deck building tool.

It has an excellent pdf-convert function. If you can live with colour printed proxies, that is probably the best way of getting your friends into the game

Decks Lönkka mentioned are best used for quick demo games where you want to get people to understand the most basic feel of the game.

Self's demo decks are excellent for a closed environment if you want roughly even games going.

The game gets really uber when you take and proxy print some (10?) different tournament winning decks from TWDA, keep them as they are rotate them amongst your friends. It's fierce, brutal and a great way to destroy your friendsh--- wait, no, that came out wrong.

Oh, you're here for VtES after all! Came out exactly right! :) The most fun way to ruin friendships! TWDA is great.

Remember to check Amaranth's 'old layouts' or 'original layouts' from options, and 'print some' with 'old layouts' for, well... older layouts. :dry:

Welcome back!

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