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02 Oct 2019 16:07 - 02 Oct 2019 16:07 #97213 by TwoRazorReign

I think I may be misunderstanding something here: Black Chantry also sells direct to consumers via DriveThruCards. They are themselves a retail outlet. Am I wrong about that? Correct me if I am. If they are not a retail outlet, then I understand why they would not offer refunds. Everything else about the language used in the release, though, I stand by.

These cards have never been release by DTC heretofore. Even if they had, it's a completely different printing company, which is unlikely to make the same printing error.

So, BCP is not a direct retailer of this product.

Ah, I stand corrected about any offer of a refund to be included in the release. now I realize why that was not done. Thank you.

What responsibility are they supposed to take when the product doesn't actually pass through BCP's hands before getting to the distributors?

Their responsibility is to release a more tactful statement about the issue. That is really it.

All joking about DeLoreans aside, I thought the press release was tactful. To each his own, I guess.

Thanks for taking the time to understand what my actual issue was. Glad we can agree to disagree!
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02 Oct 2019 16:22 - 02 Oct 2019 16:33 #97214 by redwulfe
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So first off I am a customer of BCP I also am a store owner who now carries VTES products in my store. Perks of being the owner I get to carry what I like on occation.

Okay, so you have a bias. You are part of the community and want to carry VTES and are willing to give lots of leeway to the people you know. That's fine. But you and everybody else on these forums needs to understand the response would not fly with those who are not really part of the community and who don't own a store. It is 100% acceptable for people to be unhappy about the printing issue.

Thats not true, most companies have the same responce,

Step 1: Appologize
Step 2: Make it right.

They appologized, they offered a replacement and are making it right.

Whether I am biased or not, which btw defamation is the weekest way to try and win an argument, is irrelavent to the facts that they:

Step 1: Appologized
Step 2: Made it right

I do not take fault with your displeasure, I take fault with the way you are handling yourself in the face of that displeasure. You are well within your rights to be upset you did not get a perfect product, I myself am upset I did not get a perfect product, but BCP is not the one at fault here. Heck, the printer may not even be at fault either because these things happen. These things happen and I am understanding of that and can sympathize with BCPs possition. Hurtling insults and slander is not appropriate.

They appologized and you will get a replacement which is fair. I chose not to accept the replacement and that is my choice it does not lesson my being upset by the situation but I also know it wasn't BCPs fault so I am not going to direct it at them especially since they appologized and tried to make it right. I still have these wonderful decks in my life and will continue to support BCPs efforts and the community as a whole.
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03 Oct 2019 02:08 #97216 by Boris The Blade

They chose the printer, who dropped the ball.

Honest question: how much of a choice is that? Last time I paid attention, Carta Mundi pretty much had a monopoly, but that was a very long time ago.

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