question-circle Origins Club Code?

01 Mar 2020 03:59 #99107 by jbhelfrich
Will there be a club discount code available for Origins 2020? Early registration closes tomorrow.


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01 Mar 2020 14:03 #99121 by Lönkka
Replied by Lönkka on topic Origins Club Code?

Ben wrote on Feb 19th:

I finally got the events submitted for Origins, same schedule as last year.

However, for the discount code, they want a spreadsheet consisting only of VEKN members who opt in to giving their email addresses so they can get Origins newsletters emailed to them. A quote from the info they sent me:

"What do you need our members’ emails for?
We’d like to stay in touch throughout the year and make sure your members receive all important information about the show. By sharing their emails on the club roster, they are opting in to receive our regular Origins newsletter. We will only be issuing discount codes for club members who are engaging with our show and opting in to this communication."

So, if you want to make sure you get the discount code, please reply to this thread saying YES. Otherwise I won't add you to the spreadsheet. I'll ask for your email addresses privately if I don't have them.

FOR EUROPEAN PLAYERS: I understand that this process has to be a lot more formal for me to collect your email addresses and to provide them to another party. Hold off on the opt-in until we can figure out the correct way to do this."

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02 Mar 2020 03:40 #99136 by jbhelfrich
Replied by jbhelfrich on topic Origins Club Code?
Ah. Facebook is horrible and wrong, so hadn't seen that. Ah well, buying three badges and I'm the only VTES player anyway.

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