file What VTES art do you like best?

30 Dec 2020 14:51 #101331 by Palamedes
I have a lot to say on this topic, since I am a graphic designer by education and profession. But I would say that Lönkka summed it up nicely:

Evocative. Symbolic. Striking. Bold use of palette, often coupled with usage of limited palette.

And since the pictures aren't all that big and often you might be looking at them from the other end of the table it helps if the pics are not some minuscule happenings.

Lastly unique. Even if the artist might not be the most proficient if her/his style is unique it is oftentimes better than having lovely executed pretty pictures that are dime a dozen.

Personally, I could add that it bothers me a lot when I see a fake Photoshop brush and motion blur. I see that it is now trend in all games, probably because there is no time for more serious work and common people do not see these cheap tricks.
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