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Anarchs & Alastors Redux

There is turmoil in the Northwest.
The players is this tale:
  • Anson, the Toreador former Prince of Seattle
  • Casino Reeds, current Prince of Seattle of Clan Nosferatu
  • Kyle Strathcona, reaching with the long arm of the Sabbat into the city
  • The anarchs and their Baron of Seattle
  • The fear of infernalists
  • And the creatures that go bump in the night

Who will you back up? And who will stab you in the back?


You must choose which faction you wish to play.
They are:
  • the Camarilla - can the Prince and his Alastors keep their grasp on the city
  • the Sabbat - will Seattle fall to the enemies of the Camarilla
  • the Anarchs - can the Baron of Seattle prove his worth and stake a more permanent claim to the city
  • the Infernalists - wrecking havoc and corrupting others to their demonic ways may bring the entire area under their sway.
  • At least 75% (e.g., 9 out of 12) of the vampires in a player's crypt must be the same clan. There are no special restrictions on the remaining crypt minions (except as noted below).

Special Storyline Decks:
Each round of the event will be played using separate, specially designed Anarch and Alastor decks. Dispersed throughout both decks will be cards only usable by infernal and ally minions (indicating their influence creeping into the region).
  • Those aligning themselves with the Anarchs can play cards from the Anarch deck as if it was part of their deck (discarding to the Anarch deck's ash heap).
  • Those aligning themselves with the Camarilla can play cards from the Alastor deck as if it was part of their deck (discarding to the Alastor deck's ash heap).
  • Those aligning themselves with the Sabbat may gain an additional pool during their untap phase if they control the Edge. When burning the Edge for a vote, he or she gains an additional vote.
  • Those aligning themselves with the infernalists can play cards from either deck and gain the benefits that the Sabbat gain from the Edge.
  • There will be special cards in both decks only usable by werewolves, mages, changelings, and wraiths. If these special cards come up, any one can play these cards from any Storyline deck, regardless of faction loyalty.
Each Storyline deck will have a handsize of 5, which cannot be changed by any means. Any Methuselah can use a discard phase action to discard a card from either deck. During a Methuselah's discard phase, the top card of their respective faction's deck is moved to the faction's hand and he or she chooses which card to move to the faction's ash heap.
Although Methuselah's can play from the Storyline decks (depending on which faction they represent), they cannot search either the library or ash heap for a card by any means. Only the cards that are "in hand" are playable.

The Invitation:
During each round, there will be a random selection of 15 vampires from a group of 40 that have an interest in the outcome of the events in the area. There will be 3 vampires face up and a Methuselah can spend 1 pool during their untap phase to move one of these vampires to their uncontrolled area (where it is placed face down, as normal).
When a vampire is chosen, the top card of the Invitation Crypt is placed face up and becomes available.
A Methuselah can only choose only one vampire from the Invitation Crypt during each of his or her untap phase.

Anson - Toreador (Prince of Seattle)
Antoinette DuChamp - Caitiff
Casino Reeds - Nosferatu (Prince of Seattle)
Calvin Cleaver - Gangrel
Caroline Bishops - Pander
Cicatriz - !Nosferatu (Bishop)
Didi Meyers - Malkavian
Ehrich Weiss - Tremere
Emily Carson - Ventrue (Primogen)
Esoara - !Tremere
Giotto Verducci - Baali
Hanna Redmonds - Caitiff
Jephta Hester - !Ventrue
Kyle Strathcona, Cardinal of Canada - !Ventrue (Cardinal)
Leila Monroe - Lasombra
Leo Washington - !Gangrel
Marguerite Foccart - Brujah
Mary the Black - Baali
Miguel Santo Domingo - !Brujah
Nedal, The Careless - Caitiff
Pug Jackson - Brujah (Primogen)
Quinton McDonnell - Gangrel (Primogen)
Sammy - Nosferatu
Smash - !Brujah
Toby - Nosferatu
Tyler McGill - Toreador
Vidal Jarbeaux - Toreador

Banned vampires:
The Arcadian
Count Germaine
Dmitra Ilyanova
Jack Drake
Myrna Goldman
Sylvie Helgon
Theo Bell
the unnamed
Yazid Tamari
Yvette, the Hopeless
any vampire of the Laibon sect

Banned cards:
Fall of the Camarilla
Fall of the Sabbat

New Rule: An Abomination is also a werewolf (but not an ally) and so can play any card requiring a werewolf (but not a werewolf ally). Master cards that can be played on a werewolf (but not a werewolf ally) can also be played on an Abomination. Abominations are vampires, not allies, one can treat "werewolf" as a trait that all Abominations have access to.

Go to for more information.

Prince of Puyallup
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15 Feb 2011 09:28 #1501 by Juggernaut1981
Sounds good! Let me hear about the results so I can potentially amend my maps.

On my records, Washington State is currently Camarilla Controlled.

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26 Feb 2011 16:11 #1904 by glaswanderer
Well, I haven't received a response yet from Eric, so I'm not sure how "canon" this will be.

I've sent this storyline to twice and once (it bounced back). Hopefully I'll get a response.

Prince of Puyallup

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26 Feb 2011 17:48 #1908 by jhattara

Well, I haven't received a response yet from Eric, so I'm not sure how "canon" this will be.

I've sent this storyline to twice and once (it bounced back). Hopefully I'll get a response.

Have you tried contacting him through the Inner Circle page ? Just click on his name and you get a form that you can send an e-mail to him.

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09 Jun 2012 23:39 #31938 by glaswanderer
Here are the standings for the event:

1 Chris - Nosferatu (Camarilla)
2 Chuck - Ventrue (Camarilla)
2 Zen - Baali (infernalists)
2 Donovan - Malkavian (Camarilla)
2 Grayson - Toreador (Camarilla)

5 Brian - Gangrel (anarchs)
6 Mike - Gangrel (Camarilla)

Prince of Puyallup

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09 Jun 2012 23:45 - 10 Jun 2012 20:54 #31939 by glaswanderer
That pretty boy wants his throne back. He’s even pulled strings to bring her here. This should be fun . . . .

“We’ve come to determine your value as Prince. The city is besieged from enemies on all sides, your worth has come into question. I shall determine whether or not your position shall be kept, as well as your existence.”

The Ventrue Inner Circle member sat at the head of the table with me to her left and Anson on the right, everyone else stood in silence awaiting her decision. Maris was in the corner, watching everyone and the hoops, she probably already knew the outcome.

* * * *

From deep within the sacred walls dark rituals take place. The sultan and dark priestess assisted the dark one from the south to open the gates. For the first time in centuries, both were feeling real fear.

Victoria might be far from the disputed city, but when you have so many at each others throats distance from the riff-raff of Camarilla politics brings the discretion one needs. Let them deal with the revolution that those anarchs are attempting, maybe the Lupins can help them out. The gates will shatter and the contagion will come.

* * * *

“We are tired of being used, we are tired of being shoved to the gutters, and we are tired of the yoke placed on us by the politics of the great Camarilla!”

Howls and cheers came from the crowd in waves. Revolution came with a price but the many can bring great change, even if that means working with dogs. Hanna didn’t care one way or the other, she just wanted to be part of something greater than herself. She didn’t know who damned her, maybe this would lead to a clue, she had a stake ready just waiting to pierce a dead heart.

The Anarchs & Alastors storyline continues with Part III on June 24th.

The Nosferatu have retained control of the city, but thanks to the anarchs and the Gangrel that were leading them, the surrounding area is now crawling with garou.
The Nosferatu have within their possession the Sengir Dagger, brought to the party by the anarchs.
Zelios has met Final Death at the hands of the Baali while trying to stop them from placing a contagion over the city, and Gunnar has gone completely insane thanks to the Malkavians.
The garou present a great threat and send many vampires to torpor, including many Malkavians, Baali, and even the Ventrue Arika, brought down by the anathema garou, Ossian.

There will be four cards placed in the middle of the table, uncontrolled. Each of these cards have special rules for entering play, as seen below, but only these copies of those cards.
  • The Sengir Dagger can be equipped by any Camarilla vampire as a +1 stealth action with the cost reduced by 1 pool. If the acting vampire's Methuselah controls a Nosferatu, he or she moves the Sengir Dagger to him or her instead (or one of them).
  • Derange can by played by any Sabbat vampire as a +2 stealth action. If Derange is placed on Gunnar, he cannot move it to another vampire (this rule applies to any Derange on Gunnar).
  • Ossian can be recruited by any anarch as a +1 stealth action with the cost reduced by 2 pool.
  • Contagion can be played by any infernal vampire; this card is not unique and does not contest with another copy that may come into play.

Here is the storyline card (proposed by Tod) created for the winner of the event, the Nosferatu.

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Prince of Puyallup
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