file NWQ 2011 (Seattle, April 2)

21 Feb 2011 18:48 - 21 Feb 2011 20:14 #1797 by shavo
Blue Highway Games
2203 Queen Anne Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 282-0540

NWQ 2011
Sat April 2nd
Noon til

Mini Q
Sun April 3rd
10 til

more info and local discussion located at;
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28 Mar 2011 00:13 #2897 by prunesquallor
I'll be in attendance, and am providing some of the prize support for the event.

For prizes, I'll give 2 boosters (mostly HttB) to the winner of each table, or 1 pack each if two people tie for victory points at a table. Nothing if it's a 3-way tie or worse - try harder! This applies to both the Saturday qualifier and the Sunday mini-tournament.

I'll provide the following cards for the top 3 players to choose from for the Saturday NWQ :

* Murder of Crows (Jyhad) + Sensory Deprivation
* 2X Parity Shift (VtES)
* Potence Pack : Heroic Might + 2X Immortal Grapple (Sabbat) + 2X Torn Signpost (VtES)
* 4X Freak Drive (Jyhad)
* I Dream of VtES pack : Dreams of the Sphinx (KMW) plus 16 assorted promo cards ranging from Mariana Gilbert to Walks-With-Might.

(first place gets 1st and 4th pick, second place gets 2nd and 5th pick, third place gets 3rd pick).

The following will all be available for people to buy at the qualifier, through a cooperative arrangement between Prunesquallor's and our kind hosts, Blue Highway Games.

* Heirs to the Blood boosters,
* Lords of the Night boosters and starters,
* 3rd Edition starters and boosters,
* Sword of Caine boosters,
* Keepers of Tradition starters,
* Legacies of Blood boosters.

Prices will be standard retail for most of this, with the exception of HttB (these are scarce, and will be $3.50 a pack), and the "hot" precon starters (Ventrue and Tzmisce).

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28 Mar 2011 01:33 #2908 by Adonai
The tournament rules indicate that all non-winning finalists tie for 2nd place.

How do you intend to create a 3rd place individual separate from the accepted rules?

3.7.5. Final Round Scoring

The player with the highest total of Victory Points from the final round only is the tournament winner. In the event of a tie, the players' rankings at the end of the preliminary rounds will be the deciding tiebreaker. The rest of the finalists tie for second, with no additional criteria considered to attempt to break that tie.

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