file Regular V:TES night in Belleville, Ontario, Canada

07 Jan 2011 08:15 #350 by LunaSlave
Would just like to announce to everyone that there are regular games, two nights a week, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Games take place at Action Packed Comics, 211A Front Street, Belleville, Ontario. Monday night's VTES session starts at 5pm, and Wednesday night's session starts at 6.

If you ever make it through this way, feel free to drop in and steal the Edge from us! There are usually only 4-5 of us playing, but I think our record attendance was two tables of 5 players each (that included some out of town players who visited us)

Games here very casual, laid back, and social. No time limits, but we do try to play quickly so we can get multiple games in before things get too late.

Table winners get a booster as prize. Very single-clan deck heavy environment, with lots of combat, and lots of fun. ;) New players welcome, we have decks to lend to beginners.

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