compress Central Maryland tournament - Are you interested?

01 Dec 2012 22:45 #42169 by Gnerphk
I'm coming into a few extra starters, and I was thinking of using some to hold a Limited tournament out here at the shop: Starter + 4 booster draft or 2x identical starter + 3 booster draft, with a prize pool including VTES and other games. The entry fee would be $25-$30, and the structure would be 3 rounds plus the final table.

The starters available will be 3rd, LoB, KMW, LotN, and Black Hand. At eight players we'll draft from two expansions, at nine from three, at thirteen from four, at seventeen from all five. If we get twenty players, someone'll have to play Baali; special arrangements can be made if we exceed twenty-one. (Ideally, I'd like to guarantee that there will be minimal contestation.) Boosters will be from an appropriate set of expansions likely including Jyhad. Some (but not many) rare boosters are available for the draft, and the prize pool will include some truly hard to find items.

Please let me know if you might be interested in attending. The date would likely be on a Sunday, and I'd plan to close the book side of the shop to hold the event. Possible dates include the 30th of December or the 20th or 27th of January.

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