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05 Jan 2016 16:29 #74873 by brandonsantacruz
Here's the tournament winning deck from the San Jose/Silicon Valley regional qualifier:

Deck Name: Purple Pain
Author: Richard Phillips

2 Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica
2 Ambrosio Luis Moncada, Plenipotentiary
2 Angelica, The Canonicus
2 Antonio Delgado
2 Francisco Domingo de Polonia
2 Gratiano

Library (76 cards)

Master (14)
Black Forest Base
Danse Macabre
Dreams of the Sphinx
Elysian Fields
Path of Night
Political Hunting Ground
Power Structure
Powerbase: Madrid
4 Villein

Action (11)
8 Govern the Unaligned
Political Struggle
2 Preternatural Strength

Political Action (10)
Anarchist Uprising
2 Honor the Elders
4 Kine Resources Contested
Political Stranglehold

Action Modifier (6)
6 Shadow Play

Ally (1)
Mylan Horseed (Goblin)

Combat (19)
3 Amaranth
6 Arms of the Abyss
3 Disarm
2 Entombment
Pushing the Limit
Thoughts Betrayed
Thrown Sewer Lid

Reaction (15)
6 Deflection
4 On the Qui Vive
2 Redirection
3 Wake With Evening's Freshness

Congrats to Richard for your first tournament win and a creative deck!

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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