file Tournament November 24th in Gatineau QC

10 Oct 2018 18:24 #91134 by chedcan
There will be a VEKN sanctioned constructed event coming on November 24th in Gatineau (QC, Canada). Here are the infos:

Saturday November 24th 2018, from 10AM to 5PM
(registration and seating starts at 10. Round #1 play starts at 10:30)

Multizone (visit
140 boulevard Gréber, Gatineau QC
There is lots of free store parking

2 preliminary rounds + final
2 hours time limit for each round (including final round)
VEKN tournament rules will be in effect. Multi judge system will be used if total of participants is 20 or less. Use of proxies and post HttB set cards is allowed provided it follows the guidelines on printing and sleeving.

Prizes and entry fee:
Pre-registering online is 5$ (see event registration at
Entry fee will be 10$ at the door on the day of event.
Prizes will be awarded to winner and all 4 other finalists (nature of prizes TBD).
Door prizes will also be randomly allocated.

VTES singles and sealed products will be on sale at the venue.
Soft drinks and snacks are also sold on premise.

Info and contacts:
Christian Chénard (VEKN Prince & organizer)

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20 Nov 2018 18:51 #91932 by chedcan
Reminder that the event is still set to happen this coming Saturday. So far the expected attendance seems to be around a dozen people (3 prelim tables is fine for a 2+F tournament in my opinion).

I will write a detailed report with the listing of the winning deck sometime next week after we've had the tournament.

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27 Nov 2018 21:33 #92057 by chedcan
So the event took place last Saturday and 13 Methuselahs from 4 various playgroups attended, along with 2 new players who were participating for the first time in a sanctioned event.

The event ran smoothly, the final round consisted of:
Frederick Courval (Anneke Wall) -> Louis Legault (Lutz vote) -> Samuel Leduc (Kyasid stealth-bleed) -> Dylan Montgomery (Gr 2-3 Tremere toolbox) -> Allan Birkett (gr1-2 Malkavian Prank/Vote)

It took Louis a long time to score the first 2 VP of the game, all while Allan was attempting to stabilize the table by distributing pool to other players using his Pranks. Louis ran out of gas and Fred ousted the rest of the table controlling the 3 player game with his wall when resources were low. The game ended with a few minutes to spare on the 2 hour limit.

Final result: Fred 3VP, Louis 2VP, others 0.

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