file CCP Games Halts Development of World of Darkness MMO

15 Apr 2014 04:31 #61003 by hardyrange
I am with the Reverend here:
As I am not interested in computer games, I cannot be sad about the news the MMO is not materializing.
But maybe there is some spark of hope in this news, where our VTES card game is concerned, and CCP might be more supportive ofthe VEKN's efforts now?

"It was a perfect plan - until it had contact with reality"
Hardy Range
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15 Apr 2014 10:41 - 15 Apr 2014 10:42 #61012 by mikelosaurus
We should bear in mind that WW was in a fairly unsustainable position considering their traditional business model and if CCP hadn't bought them everything would likely have shut down a short while afterwards anyway.

Remember this was before the advent of Kickstarter - which if anyone could have predicted, WW would have reinvented itself to suit that model in the first place rather than sell up.

CCP was never interested in the print publishing - only the IP for computer games. They already licensed out the RPGs (to Oynx Path) and the LRPs (to By Night Studios) and we already know they had no problem letting go of VTES - the sticking point was only with WotC.

It is surprising to see such a failure on the MMO front though, and also that they took so long to realise it wasn't working. Early rumours seem to suggest a bad political situation between Rekjavik and Atlanta, and possibly too much focus on visuals and not enough on actual gameplay... *shrugs*

I'm pretty sure that in 3-5 years time we'll see the electronic game rights leased out to a competent third party to give it another shot.

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16 Apr 2014 19:38 #61073 by Charles_Bronson

So, in the end, our game was cancelled for nothing?
Thats sad. :(

I am death.
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