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15 Nov 2014 17:38 - 15 Nov 2014 17:49 #67433 by White Sabbat
I've been reading the clan bloodlines and I know of a few examples from history ancient and modern that were used for inspiration:

Assamite: This one is easy, the (from Arabic: حشّاشين‎ Ḥashshāshīn[1]) were a secret order of Nizari Ismailis, particularly those of Persia and Syria, that formed in the late 11th century.

Brujah: antifascists, in particular the punk versions from the 80s

Gangrel: This is a harder one. I would guess it's a combination of "the Greenman" and Druids combined with cowboys.

Malkavians: This one is hard to pin down but maybe although de Sade's sadistic tendency is more Tzimisces. A definitive example however is

Nosferatu: This one is also hard but as Nosferatu inhabit caves and sewers I would guess

Toreador: Easy,

Tremere: There are two possibilities here, and I think Fraternitas Saturni is the more likely possibility due to the location (Germany) and stronger emphasis on magic occult practices then the OTO (which is more like a fraternal order of gnostic templars, whew that's a mouth full!)

Ventrue: I think the archetypal Ventrue type of person is really a If you have met a monarchist before (they are out there, particurly in Anglo countries) they are very tradition and upper class loyal. Although in modern WoD what comes to mind is more like the Rothschild family

Followers of Set: Easy, Temple Of Set

Giovanni: Italian mafia//barons/occultists. One prominent example would be

Sabbat: I think the Sabbat was inspired by historical jihad due to using hordes of expendable fighting men to win battles.

Lasombra: I think the Italian influence and adoption of Catholic titles in the Sabbat, and elitism of the clan, points to the Jesuits

Ravnos: admitted to be gypsies in lore

Tzimisces: I think Slavic vampire lore essp since Dracula is included in this clan.
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15 Nov 2014 20:01 #67434 by kombainas
You could find even more references, e.g., older Brujah are clearly idealistic greek philosophers, while older Ventrue are Roman patricians (and even older Ventrue were keepers of lore). Gangrel have viking influences as well, while even further into history, they would mix with werewolf lore (they have a common ancestor). IIRC, Nosferatu originally were primal hunters.

In general, you could find a lot more depth and insight into clan structure and influences by reading VTM Clan books :)

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15 Nov 2014 20:45 #67435 by White Sabbat
it's on my to do list to get through all of them :) too many books not enough time!

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16 Nov 2014 21:42 #67459 by Ohlmann
Tremere don't come from your two example. They come from Ars Magica, who itself come from hermetiques cultes (as in, culte to Hermes)

Your easy guess on setite is wrong too in my opinion. I mean, they may have took one name from it, but it's mostly a tentative of doing egyptian stuff. While forgetting that Set is not about snakes at all.

Ravnos aren't only gypsy. Gypsy is in fact shared between Gangrel and Ravnos. Ravnos are half indian and half gypsy ; however, they tend to be caricatured in the caricature of gypsy part.

The sabbat / jihad reference seem very, very wrong. Both because the jihadist never were about expendable hordes of troops, and because there is a reason why all title in the sabbats are catholic one. If anything, they are a mix between actual satanist (like the temple of set you showed, for example), and real world crusader.

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