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25 Oct 2021 10:59 #103658 by Raven

I wanted to ask about situation on tournament, when during the game player must leave the table and the game because of some unforseeable reason (like injury, sickness, urgent immidiate leaving).

How to proceed this kind of situation in game?

is it same as point 3.5 in Tournament rules, and predator of such player gets 6 pool and 1 vp?

Or there is some differend procedure for such situations?

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25 Oct 2021 11:26 #103659 by Yomyael
That is a very difficult question to answer. I don't think 3.5 from the tournament rules will be applicable in most cases, since it states that all but one player have to agree to concede.

However, one might take the Game Loss penalty as an example of what to do:

Game Loss: A warning is always given with this penalty. If the player is between games, the loss should be applied to the player's next game. A Game Loss is recorded as a loss to all active players and tied with any other players who have a Game Loss. If the penaly occurs in the middle of a game, the judge should award pool and/or Victory Points to the player's Predator, or making other arrangements to preserve game balance for the remaining players, as warranted (possibly awarding partial VPs). Game losses must be communicated to the head judge and the tournament official responsible for the permanent tracking of the warning. Judges must communicate game losses to the player and explain the infraction and possible consequences if the infraction is repeated.

Even from the judges guide it isn't too clear what to do and depends highly on the game state.

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27 Oct 2021 11:46 #103690 by Hakuron
I guess this one helps:

3.3.2 Early Departure

Players leaving ("dropping out of") an event before all of the preliminary rounds are finished must notify the judge as soon as possible. If the judge has already set seating assignments for the round, the judge may treat this as per section 3.1.4 above, at his or her discretion.

3.1.4. Bowing Out of an Event

Players choosing to leave (quit playing) an event must inform the scorekeeper before the seatings for the next round are generated. Players leaving the tournament after the scorekeeper begins seatings for the next round receive a "Loss" in the upcoming round and will be removed from the event after that round.

It could be acknowledged as additional information in the Archon why the player had to leave immediately.

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