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Colorless proxies are valid in official tournaments what proxy are allowed?

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4.5. Proxy Cards
As long as the game is not under production, the organizer of an event that is neither a National Championship nor a Continental Championship can choose to allow proxy cards in his or her event. For events where proxy cards are allowed, several points apply:

there are no limit to the number of proxy cards a deck can have
every proxy card must be a color-copy of the original card, on standard paper
the quality of the print must allow the reading of the illustrator's name
the organizer must mark the event as 'allowing proxy cards' on the VEKN calendar"
Proxy-cards must be inserted in an opaque sleeve (along the rest of the crypt and/or library), before a regular VTES card.

You can also follow the guidelines of the PDF sets:

When using cards from a printable expansion such as Danse Macabre, these cards must be color printed on standard paper and inserted into opaque sleeves before another Vampire: The Eternal Struggle or Jyhad card. This requires opaque sleeves for the whole crypt and/or library.

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